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I was hoping this would be a great product given the large amount of positive reviews - but for me, it was horrible. The only thing it did for my hair, was dry it out. I started losing a lot of hair when I started using this, something that has never been an issue for me. Definately a waste of money for me!

Made my hair look very dulll. Also did the complete opposite made my scalp dry n flakey! Was not Happy at all

I received the 7 day Challenge samples. After two days, I was IN LOVE with the way my hair felt and especially the way it smelled. I loved it so much I purchased full size bottles of the product. After just one month of using it, my hair began falling out. I'm not talking about a strand or two, I was losig BIG HANDFULS of hair. I started noticing hair on the floor, on the counter, and on my clothes. When I googled this issue, there appeared to be MANY women who had experienced the same thing! I've discontinued Clear Scalp Therapy, and my hair is slowly (very slowly) growing back. I'm so disappointed. I wish I would have done more research before committing to this product. STAY AWAY!

Felt like it dried my hair out. I have thin hair but a lot of it.

This product smelled great and seemed to work all right, but it weighed down my hair significantly. It almost felt like it was getting "coated", even after rinsed out. I can't recommend this product for those with my type of hair,but obviously it is doing well for others.

I can't say I've experienced the same results as a lot of the other reviewers on here. My hair seems drier than normal using this conditioner and it's just "eh" for me. My hair is a lot more frizzy than it usually is. The conditioner does wash out well though, iIt doesn't take five minutes just trying to get it to wash out.

I was able to comb this through my fine, blond, color-treated hair. But ultimately it didn't leave my hair silky enough and I used my normal leave-in conditioner as well.

Didn't care for the shape of the bottle. The product made my hair feel heavy and oily. Sorry, not a fan.

I did not like this product. The consistency was like it was whipped and this made it very hard to get it into my hair. It took a handful to get enough to get to my scalp at all. It alos was very difficult to wash out. it made my hair softer and easier to brush, but I would just stick wth the shampoo on this one.

Thank you SO much, SheSpeaks, for this awesome program! I loved trying the shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, the conditioner was not a good match for my curly hair. It made it very frizzy for some reason. That's not a look I'm generally going for!

Its ok, its just like everyother conditioner out there.

I'm going to keep using it and see if it eventually helps but I have used it a couple of times and it makes my scalp dry. Although it did make my hair shiny and soft which I really like.

i wasnt that much impressed with this product...i thought the smell was overwhelming...and was just ok even though one good thing i can say about it is that my hair didnt feel weighed down...but overall the smell ruined it for me

I wasn't sold on this product for the simple fact that my hair felt greasy and dirty a single day after the wash and I normally wash my hair every 3 days. My husband LOVED it and he used the regular product (not the male type). We both like the shampoo more than the conditioner. It had a great lather and the scent was just right. It did not take long to wash both products out and there was no left over residue feeling. It was a shame. I really liked both products during the wash it was just a day after the wash my hair was really greasy. My husband on the other hand has continued to use both shampoo and conditioner.

I wasn't too thrilled with this products results. It left aheavy residue build up on my thin hair. The smell was overwhelming and artificial. I usually go for more natural conditioners.Nothing special about this one.