Johnson's  Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder

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Yesss Johnsons baby powder is honestly a life saver for us and it makes the baby feel nice and dry after he potties. So he's happy and we're happy. It works for alott of non baby related things too.

Staple product All my family uses it on their babies or themselves. Love this always!

This tried and true product is great for a variety of purposes. I have used this to help with diaper rash, smelly feet, and soothing a baby. It has a very light scent which is soothing and clean. It has a smooth texture. It also has been around for many years. I like that kind of reassurance that this product has been used by my mother and has stood the test of time and still works.

Love Johnson's baby powder Keeps baby fresh and helps prevent rashes

I may not have babies in the house but I still keep this around. I not only use this but I also recommend this to my husband works great in his work boots and also my daughter loves this on her oidy

Baby powder is the best for baby to use after a nice bath and the baby powder smells so good. Helps prevent rashes for baby.

I want to review this product on the behalf of my husband who is absolutely OBSESSED with baby powder. We absolutely always have to have this at home because he uses it every single day. He just loves how it absorbs moisture and how soft it makes his skin. It's kind of silly how much he loves it.

I love baby powder, not only for the baby, but for me, too! I have used it as emergency deodorant (we've all had those moments), as a dry shampoo in a pinch, or even for chafing or rashes. There are so many uses for it, that even when I didn't have babies, I kept it on hand.

I keep a small bottle on me at all times (for emergencies). It helps with a few things like getting sand off , or itchy skin or oily hair (just a little though) or to cool you off on very hot (sweaty) humid days. I do have a 6 year old that have always avoided using baby powder on him due to the negative affects it may have on his lungs. Otherwise I do enjoy using it myself.

Love Johnson's baby powder

Baby powder supposedly keeps ants from crossing into your home if placed properly on windowsills and doorways. Not sure if that is actually true, but I use baby powder to soak up grease and oil from my hair if I don't have time to shower. Unfortunately, using too much just makes you look like you have dandruff! As for a baby product, I don't really like using it because of my concern that the baby may inhale tiny particles of it that isn't very visible to the naked eye. I don't really think it's very effective for any purpose on baby's skin, aside from giving baby a stronger "baby powder" smell.

Keeps baby fresh and helps prevent rashes

If the brand name doesn't convince you that this is a grat product, then using it will. I live the smell and it works great. Decent price and love the variety in sizes it comes in. We have big ones at the house, medium sized ones, and small to go sizes in diaper bags.

I do not use this product for diapers but it is a great for putting on your legs for the beach so the sand does not stick and you can get the sand off easy. So much easier. It is also nice for oily hair. But I have heard it is not safe and also that they changed to formula. So not sure which is true or if both are true.

We do not use baby powder anymore since reading this article... It may smell pretty but could cause serious harm to your children....