Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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my son love enfagrow, he want to drink all the time, is full in vitamins and nutrients

Love it hard to find in my area great to go along with meal or older toddler

My child loves this, a bit expensive, but worth it!!!

my child will not drink this doesn't like it....tastes gross

toddler never really like it.

My three year old son did not care for these at all!! At first he was soo excited to get a special drink to try that was just for him but he just about spit it out when he took a drink. I think that for formula fed infants this might be a good transition but for those that are not very familiar with formula it tastes yucky. I tasted it and it has a powdered milk/infant formula taste that I guess I should have expected. We tried both the plain and the vanilla since we had a coupon. In addition, these are very pricey!! Not for us!

My twin boys loved this. Great alternative to milk and juice to try to change things up.

my son loved this. but he cant drink out of straw yet so i had to put it in a sippy cup for him.

These are expensive but my son (4) did like them. In fact, he liked them so much that he snuck into the fridge and finished the rest even though he was told that he was only allowed one per day. He liked both the regular and vanilla. I asked him if they tasted like regular milk and he said that no, they tasted different but that he liked them. He is less picky when it comes to milk products than regular kids though. Whenever we find a really good deal on any type of milk, we buy it so he has experienced soy, almond, and sunflower milks as well as the regular milk.

MY child did not care for it at all, I received the Vanilla, he just made a face and wouldn,t drink, he stil lloves another brand. He may just be used to the other brand/type.

My daughter loved the vanilla flavor but was not a huge fan of the milk flavored. It was a healthy snack/drink I was happy to serve but she learned quickly which was which and when I offered her the milk one she would shake her head no and point at the regular milk instead.

My daughter loved this product! Thank You shespeaks for sending this product!

My two-year-old wasn't too crazy about these. He seemed excited at first, but only took a few sips. I'm guessing he was probably disappointed that it wasn't a juice box.

My son didn't seem to mind the drink but he wasn't trilled with drinking it all. He also doesn't like to drink his milk from a straw. Overall it isn't a product I would buy unless the packaging was alittle different.

My daughter loved this drink! She said it was yummy. She called it her special milk and treated it as such. Adding one a day would really help those kids lacking nutrients!