Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My son wouldn't drink this flavor. He did enjoy the vanilla but spit out this one out. I was really hoping he would because I can get it online and the company will except the coupons but it didn't work out.

I gave this to my sons ages 1 and 4. Neither of them liked it. They both loved the vanilla.

I had my son try both the vanilla and 'natural milk' flavors and he vastly preferred the vanilla because, according to him, it "tastes like a mllkshake". The 'natural milk' one was sweeter than regular milk, but not as sweet as the vanilla. Typically, we rotate between regular cow's milk, almond milk and coconut milk and he's not a huge fan of any of them, but will drink some, generally more of the coconut milk. Usually, he drinks about half of his glass at a time, which is ok because he's a big fan of yogurt and cheese. Anyway, the 'milk flavored' one he drank most of, but not quite all. I'm glad to know about this product though, thanks to Shespeaks.

My three year old did not care for this flavor. She enjoyed the vailla.

My son, who loves milk and all milk alternatives said this was "yucky." He likes the Vanilla one, though.

I had my younger daughters try this since they both liked milk and they only took a sip and said it was really nasty and did not want to drink no more, I also had my older kids try it and they both hated it the taste of it . I also tried it myself and I have to say it taste like nothing just water with powder.

My children did not like this at all, the taste , and smell were both unpleasant , it actually caused my 2 year old to gag. I would not recommend this product .

umm no! both my kids 5 and 2 years old hated this, they lie the container more than anything, we will stick to cows 1% milk.

I gave this to my two year old who loves milk. His milk is like his coffee. He needs it every morning. That being said, I thought for sure this would be a hit. I opened one and gave it to him first thing in the morning. He took one drink and said "Mmmm..." I was excited and thought he really liked it. I tried to get him to take another drink. His reply was "No mama, it nasty." So there was my answer. My husband then tried it and had to agree with my son. He said it was really nasty. Instead of throwing them away, I gave them to a neighbor who uses them already. I also gave her the coupons. She was extremely happy. She has triplets so it came in handy! Good try but sorry, he didn't like it.

My daughter would not drink this product. She is 27 months and drinks 2% milk three times a day. We tried it in place of her milk as well as just as an extra drink. She handed it back or set it back down every time.

My 3 year old will not drink it. She took one sip and told me it was yucky. I wanted to introduce a new drink into her diet, since we to do allow her to have juice drinks only milk and water. I think the concept was a good one, but the taste definitely needs some work...

My kids 4 and 6 hated it right after the first sip and I couldn't get them to drink it. I trying it and I couldn't blame them. Tastes like formula and kids their age are past that.

I enjoyed having these chilled in my refrigerator in a easy to reach compartment for my kids to grab and go! They don't drink a lot of milk, I was hoping they would love this so they can get the daily intake they need. Unfortunately they drank it just to drink something new, I noticed. It wasn't about them liking it. My kids will gulp anything they like within seconds. but this lasted me a day or 2. I tasted it to give it my review, I never give them anything without giving it my personal review. I think it was too thick, which made them get full faster. It has a very plain taste to it even when chilled. I personally didn't like it, neither did my kids. I try to get them as natural as possible in milk like drinks. This is one product I know I won't be buying.

My 2 year old LOVES milk, so I thought this would be an easy sell...he took one sip stuck his tongue out and said "yuck"...this one is not for us :-(

Both my 4 1/2 yr old and 8 yr old did not like the drink especially the vanilla. At first I gave it to them right out of the box warm. They did not like them at all. I then put the drinks into the fridge and was hoping they would change their minds. Not at all which made me disappointed. I was hoping they did like the drinks because I know they do not eat properly at all. Maybe if there was a chocolate flavor I would have better luck.