Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

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Its not a bad product. But just use a tissue that is cheaper and if you are buys boogie wipe then you have to have regular wipes. To save money and thinking wisely of what you already have, I would not buy this product. My sister bought it for me when I had my son. After having your 2nd kid you think wisely and reasonable. Use a tissue or a wipe for those sticky snap back boogies in the nose.

love it these are a diaper bag stapple i love them they are so gentle

They are Great they are very gentle and keep my Lil ones nose from being red and irritated. Highly recommended

Great product Really great to use on runny noses. My son loves them and so does his daddy and I.

Great tissue When my son was sick (at 9 months old) I felt horrible. I was trying to keep his face clean from his ever runny nose which made his little nose more red and irritated. We went to the store and bought these. They are AMAZING! They have a few different scents available and one with no scent. But these ones had a very nice scent and they gently removed the snot and boogers from my son's nose. The saline seemed to help loosen up and the hard dried boogers in his nose. Great product! I also know they work because I used one when I became sick just to see how well they worked.

Awesome Very gentle for my daughter's sensitive nose. She fusses if I try to use regular wipes - but she does not mind these!

We never leave Home without these. And when my little one is sick we go through packs of these. They are soft and gentle with no perfumes or harsh chemicals. They don't leave my Little's nose raw.

Great wipes for little baby's nose! Gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. I use these on a daily basis. As we all know its near impossible to clean baby's nose and Boogie Wipes definitely help make the process easier.

Just love these! So gentle. Especially when baby has a runny rose. And they smell good too!

These are great! my two year old blows and wipes his own nose with these and he will not use anything else. They are also very convenient for on the go.

Made getting boogies out of the nose easy and without leaving a rash.

These are a great product. My sister and I both use them on our children. My niece has sensitive skin so this product is amazing!!!! My daughter in the other hand doesn't so I honestly could just use baby wipes but it's just not the same.

I love how soft and gentle these are on baby's nose. I use them for myself when I am ill as well.

At first I thought these were a waste of money because you can just use tissues and sensitive diaper wipes for the same purpose. My sister in law let me use one of hers for my daughter after I compassion to her about the diaper wipes breaking out my daughter's face. I will never use any other wipes on my daughter's face other than these again! Not only did she not break out anymore but it gets all the sticky prescription medicine she spits back out off her face as well.

By far one of the best inventions for crusty nose kids!! Winter months, summer colds, we all know how baby and toddler noses seem to crust up instantly. Short of taking a chisel it was tough to remove. boogie wipes to the rescue. These wipes seem to make the crust dissolve quickly...with less crying and fighting!