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  • momd29 By  momd29    

    Great bottles for breastfed babies

    These are the best bottles I have found for breastfed babies. This is the only bottle my daughter would take! I really like the wide mouth on the bottle that makes washing super easy. They are easily marked for volume and are easy to read when filling. The larger nipples offer a great alternative when breastfeeding, and will not cause nipple confusion. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs bottles.

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  • Cgrovell By  Cgrovell    

    To be honest this was my first time using the Tommee Tippee bottles. When I was searching I seen that this was rated #1 so I decided to purchase. The closer to Nature bottles worked wonders for my newborn

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  • mevsthree By  mevsthree    

    Great bottles, a must have!

    I really like the Tommee Tippee bottles! I've used them for both of our sons and had a great experience with them. They rarely leaked and came out just the right amount. We had very minimal gas issues using these bottles also! They are easy to clean and use because they have a wide mouth and very little pieces.

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  • Pkcook79 By  Pkcook79    

    Great for newborns

    The newborn loves them and so do I. Easy to clean and a natural fit.

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  • Alicia44 By  Alicia44    

    My first son loved these bottles. He took to them easily switching from.breast fed to bottle. They are easy to clean and travel with.

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  • morgueofmelissa By  morgueofmelissa    

    I bought a lot of these as they had a "natural feel" nipple to them that resembled the breast. I found as my daughter began to eat more, these seemed to leak quite a bit. We also experienced hiccups more frequently when we would use these to feed my daughter. I wanted so badly to like these bottles but they just didn't work very well for our little girl. I ended up getting rid of them and switched to Dr. Brown's.

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  • jmtz1317 By  jmtz1317    

    Loved Them!

    My son loved these bottles! I was so scared to use these with him because we were switching him from dr.browns to these so I was afraid of him getting colic. But he did amazing with these never had an issue at all. The bottles were durable, super easy to clean, super cute, easy to grip and affordable. I also really loved the shape and feel of the nipple and they also have different nipple stages depending on age of baby.

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  • deanna519 By  deanna519    

    Not worth the hassle

    These were awful bottles when we tried to use them. They leaked. My kids fought using them. We ended up throwing them away.

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  • Arikahxox By  Arikahxox    

    This are the only bottles that my son will take since he was born, we have tried so many others but he wouldn't latch on them and would just not take them. I like the fact that they have different stage nipples that you can change as the baby grows.

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  • JDMom16 By  JDMom16    

    I tried dr browns and Tommie tippie MY DAUGHTER LOVED TOMMIE TIPPIE we has no issued using these for the first 1 1/2 years

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  • bluebananas5 By  bluebananas5    

    Great for Baby

    As an exclusive breastfed baby, my son took to these bottles when I had to return to work. These are the only bottles he would take. I really enjoyed that they were easy to clean and no tummy/gas issues with him. I would recommend them to all my new moms.

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  • kwine18109 By  kwine18109    

    YES MA'AM!

    My son loves the feel of the nipple on these bottles. We tried numerous and these bottles have such a calming affect on him when it comes to bed time. The nipple is more like a natural nipple, which worked well since I had breastfed most of his life.

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  • Sammybee5 By  Sammybee5    

    Tome tippe

    I got these at my baby shower and I absolutely loved them. My daughter doesn't like any other bottles. They came in a pack of 4 with a cleaning sponge and a pacifier. I definitely will be purchasing more if I need to.

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  • Yazmara By  Yazmara    

    Good bottles

    My sister loves these bottles she recommends them to everyone.

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  • HippieMommy By  HippieMommy    

    Flow too fast!

    I really liked the wide top opening. I didn't like that the lowest level nipple flowed so fast it made my son choke and gave him awful hiccups.

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