Lego Blocks

Lego Blocks

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Legos are awesome. No childhood is complete without them. I love that both girls and boys can use them to build whatever their imaginations can come up with. The only bad aspect of Logos are when you step on them, and you will, or if a pet accidently eats one.

this is amazing i bought a pack for both my kiddies!

I absolutely love Legos, I went from using the regular baby-building Legos to creating the Millennium Falcon with the Star Wars Legos. I have never, and will never be disappointed by the amazing doors of imagination that Lego has opened up for a lot of kids, and adults. There is no age limit for Lego products, they even have giant Legos for babies who eat everything, and it's still safe for them. I love Legos, i fully recommend. The only downside about them, is the owners fault, and that is not learning to clean up after themselves, and stepping on them.

Another toy that we loved when we were kids but you have to keep buying them fresh to keep up with the fantastic designs, themes and colors. You never have too many. With all of the STEM focus in our society these are great tools to get our little ones interested in science and math as well as plain old fun!

I love LEGO blocks--they're great for the kids in any weather: rain or shine. They build and play indoors and out, and they use their constructions as houses for their other critters, cars, etc. It's a great toy for all ages!

I played with legos as a child and loved building new creative things. Legos are great to get kids thinking.

My kids love them!! They could play with them all day. The only down side is they can get expensive.

legos are a great toy for kids to learn stradegies and for them to learn colors and develop mentally bcz they have to figure out how to put the blocks together and what they can do with them

Yes, a great toy and a way to pass time with the kiddos(I even put just a few in my purse and if we have to wait, they can just play with a few) great buy for the money spent!

Who doesn't love legos?! My family had a giant box of them when I was a kid, and these suckers were good family memories!! I HATE stepping on them, but I LOVE building with them!! I hope my kids love them as much as I do!!

Both of my son's enjoy Legos. My older one (about to be 7) just recently started getting in to legos. My little one (4) has always loved building things. We buy him the Lego Duplo because they are larger and easier for him to use. He also likes using the regular legos but he mainly plays with the Duplo.

I haven't met a kid yet that doesn't like legos! Both my kids LOVE them. They provide hours of entertainment. Now that my daughter is older, she loves the "Friends" sets. My only qualm about the sets is that they can get really expensive. Legos make great gifts for kids of all ages!!!

i just love it

Lego is a great toy that transcends gender and age! It is only limited by a child's imagination. They can be pricey, which is the only drawback to this timeless toy. I recommend Lego Duplo to introduce to your toddler!

A wonderful product,my son loves playing with them!