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  • Suzyspeaks By  Suzyspeaks    

    Really like these fluffy dusters. They are very good at reaching in tight places and they do a thorough job of cleaning/absorbing dust. The only thing I don't love is I am never sure when to throw them out.

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  • ghreyz13 By  ghreyz13    

    It does the work

    This works pretty well for dusting. It definitely trapa and locks the dust. One thing though, it would be great if this is thicker like the 360 style.

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  • JCrutch04 By  JCrutch04    

    Helpful cleaning tool. I like the longer version better makes it easier to clean hard to reach places.

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  • sjbraun By  sjbraun    

    Makes dusting easy

    These are great -- the fibers pick up dust great, and it's so easy to throw away an old one and pop on a new one. Super easy cleaning for college dorm rooms, or for anyone who hates dusting (like me!)

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  • UhOhAestheticos By  UhOhAestheticos    

    Easy to use and picks up dust like no other without just brushing it around like most other dusters. Refills are cheap and easy to acquire and last forever too!

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Real Results

    I love how easy and quick this is to remove dust! I'm able to get on top of cupboards, under the coffee table, the ceiling fan, and behind furniture with the flexibility that the Swiffer Duster has! I notice I'm able to pick up more dust than using a feather duster! It works great and I am impressed with the results! Team Swiffer!

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  • MrsB08 By  MrsB08    

    Great for dusting!

    These are the only ones I use. I buy them with the built-in scents and my rooms smell nice after I dust.

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  • onemused By  onemused    

    I love the swiffer dusters! Perfect for people with dust allergies, they trap the dust in and are very easy to use!

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  • Amc1165 By  Amc1165    


    These are one of my favorites for cleaning! Handy, disposable, and very good at doing the job!

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  • Amberrs32380 By  Amberrs32380    

    Works okay. Doesn't collect all the dust like it suggests.

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  • Sbranham By  Sbranham    

    I bought this product and would recommend it to anyone.i want to try the extendable one bext.

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  • Swannbnice By  Swannbnice    

    I love this duster. I find that my children like to use it, and anything that will get my kids to help around the house is a wonderful product!

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  • auraignacio By  auraignacio    

    I've spent a year using this duster. It has a nice clean smell and is very easy to assemble(extend) and store away. They work great at lifting dust and makes cleaning very easy.

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  • divaqueen69 By  divaqueen69    

    I was not happy with this product The pad kept slipping off of the holder Was a waste of my money

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  • everlarkbakery9 By  everlarkbakery9    

    For quick dusting it works really well, but sometimes a liquid dusting formula is needed to make places like bookshelves really shine.

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