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  • SavannahBeth By  SavannahBeth    

    I pretty much grew up on Celestial Seasoning Sleepytime herbal tea. Love that sleepy bear on the box. The tea itself is okay, but I like it much better with a little lemon juice; otherwise, it's just a little too "bland" for me.

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  • ChantillyLace825 By  ChantillyLace825    

    I absolutely love this tea for the price. I always have this tea on hand. The smell and taste of spearmint is amazing. Everyone should give it a chance!

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  • lshock200 By  lshock200    

    I always have this on hand after a hard day it tastes good!

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  • lil_bit2089 By  lil_bit2089    

    I absolutely love this tea. Its so soothing and tastes great with just a little bit of sugar and milk added. It really doesn't even have to have that. So nice having something that helps me sleep and even eases cramps which is a great bonus.

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  • vanessafas By  vanessafas    

    The best "tea" ever invented. The good news is that it is calming, refreshing, and delicious. The bad news is that there is zero tea in it.

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  • lfreas2 By  lfreas2    

    I love the scent and tase of this tea nothing is more calming then a warm cup snuggled in a blanket

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  • lovemyjeans By  lovemyjeans    

    love this tea but prefer the one with echinacia combo.

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  • coffeequeen By  coffeequeen    

    Great for nights when I'm having trouble sleeping.

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  • draw90 By  draw90    

    Good to drink on cold winter nights! This relaxing tea is great to drink after a day of building snow men and putting up those Christmas lights.

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  • vfrance1020 By  vfrance1020    

    Great for when you need a little extra help winding down at night.

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  • aholt27 By  aholt27    

    Best for sleepy nights and tummy ache soothing. Its great!

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  • koolmist101 By  koolmist101    

    This is the perfect tea to end a stressful day! I drink this at night right before bedtime to help me drift off to sleep. As a Mom, I often try to keep going when I should be going to bed. This tea makes me realize that I am getting sleeeeeeppppyyyyy...... Absolutely love it!

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  • pixiesparkles By  pixiesparkles    

    This is my go to tea at night after a stressful day!!!!

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    


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  • beevet By  beevet    

    always loved this, so soothing for cranky little people, serve with a little honey and milk, it'll put them to sleep :-)

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