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  • brockflock2 By  brockflock2    

    Unbelievably delicious! The crunchy-goodness is completely addictive (in a good way) and satisfies my salty-cravings perfectly. The variety of flavors means that everyone in my house can find a favorite--and they have! Kettle Chips have fast become a yummy staple in our house!

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  • JessCee By  JessCee    

    Kettle Chips are one of the best! They are made with natural ingredients, they are thicker & more crunchy than other chip brands, also have unique flavors. I really love the Honey Dijon, so much that I have to make sure I don't eat the whole bag!

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    Love how crunchy these are, and they seem to be less greasy than a traditional potato chip. All the flavors are yummy!

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  • BusyCreatingMemories By  BusyCreatingMemories    

    The Kettle Chips definitely have the crunch and salt factor! I love that they use natural sea salt as well! I always give kudos for Sea salt products. I thought this would be the perfect solution to my salt cravings. I was let down. The Chips are crunchy, yet they are harder to "crunch" than regular potato chips. Not sure if it's because the chip itself is thicker or just the way they cook them. To me I was also looking for a chip with less GREASE. Yet I still found my fingers to be covered in grease after eating these. I do have to say they did have a good flavor though. Just didn't meet my texture standard and I would have liked it to be less greasy. Now my husband on the other hand absolutely LOVES Kettle Chips and thinks I'm out of my mind for having anything against them. lol. His favorite is the Jalapeno flavor. And since my husband is rather hard to please, for that alone, it raised my rating of this product.

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  • JadeOrchid0404 By  JadeOrchid0404    

    These are so much better than regular potato chips. If you want crunchy these are the ones you want. I love the Jalapeno flavored. They're good spicy but the other flavors are delicious too.

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  • Tricias-List By  Tricias-List    

    Ever have that "crunchy/salty" craving? Come on...I know you have.We all have. When I get that desire ,I turn to Kettle chips. It's got that CRUNCH that I want and the natural sea salt taste that I crave. What's that? You want flavors instead of sea salt? You're in luck! Kettle has a variety of flavors to please the most discerning tastebuds.They range from regular standbys such as Sea Salt and Sour Cream & Onion,to Honey Dijon & Spicy Thai. I tell ya... if you haven't tried these chips,you should. You mouth will thank you for it !

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