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  • rainaroo By  rainaroo    

    I love the vanilla so much that I decided to try the caramel. Hope it's just as good.

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  • sandyc42 By  sandyc42    

    Im not a fan of vanilla but my husband is and I gave it a try and I really like it

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    mmmmm, love this!!

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  • kolorlady By  kolorlady    

    Wish you had sugar free

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  • spark5 By  spark5    

    COFFEE-MATE released two new flavors: Natural Bliss Low Fat Vanilla & Sugar-Free Caramel Macchiato

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  • DuAnnW By  DuAnnW    

    Love the vanilla, and being I am allergic to most preservatives, this natural creamer is a blessing.

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  • caren1875 By  caren1875    

    I was worried that this creamer wouldn't have the same punch that the standard ingredient filled creamers have and that my coffee would be flat. But no this product is great! It makes you wonder if they can make a creamer this good without all the junk, why do they make it any other way?

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  • heather55 By  heather55    

    I love that it is natural and tastes great I love all three flavors and hope they come out with more

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  • FAMOUS3920 By  FAMOUS3920    

    I am in love with these products.

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  • deborahdreher By  deborahdreher    

    I love this creamer. It tastes so clean and flavorful.I do not use sugar in my coffee so I like a great flavor creamer. Even though it is less sugar than other creamers It is still thick and tasty. I could not even tell it has less sugar.

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  • lisasc22 By  lisasc22    

    I love french vanilla and this is one of the best tasting I have found. Very tasty!

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  • BresBaubles By  BresBaubles    

    This is a great new product. I was pleasantly surprise with the rich yet subtle flavor at the same time. It will continue to be bought in my house!

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    I don't always use creamer in my coffee and if I do I chose one that is low in sugar. However they often also have a lot of ingredients you can not even pronounce. While shopping this week I came across Natural Bliss by coffee mate. An all natural Coffee creamer. At our Kroger it came in 2 flavors and I picked Vanilla. Only nonfat milk, heavy cream and natural flavor are listed under the ingredients. when I poured it in the mug, it had the same heavy consistency of the other creamers and the flavor just as strong. Having only 5 sugar grams and 35 calories per tablespoon I will not go back to the artificial ones.

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