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  • TheHarriedMom By  TheHarriedMom    

    Tried it a few times, I think it's way to sweet. I like the regular soy milk better

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  • needsmorecoffee By  needsmorecoffee    

    I love soymilk and decided to try the newest product by Silk, the Pure Coconut Milk. I enjoy the taste, though it's not terribly coconutty, but it's a bit too sweet. I don't understand why companies feel like they need to entice us into using non-dairy products by pumping so much sugar in! I feel that it really edges out some of the healthy benefits and stacks on the calories... If someone were lactose and soy intolerant, this would be a great alternative. However, I hope they expand their offerings to an unsweetened coconut milk, just like they have with their regular soy milk. Another great thing about this product; it's often good for several weeks after the expiration. I have a carton in the fridge marked 5/12/11 and a month later, it's still perfectly fresh! You can't say that about cow's milk...

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