Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap

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This is a basic bar no frills soap that many people can use. There really isn't a fragrance or dyes, so that is nice. If you are looking for something a little more pretty or scented this may not be for you.

Love ivory soap. I have been using ivory since I was a kid. It has a fresh smell and is easy on my skin.

My husband won't use anything else. He doesn't like strong scents, and this just has a light, fresh smell, while rinsing clean and leaving you feeling fresh. It's not super pricey either, so overall this is a really great product.

I have used Ivory soap for years. I have sensitive skin and have problems with most soaps as the perfumes react with my skin, Ivory does not. The downside is that it will dry your skin, so lotion is a must. I also always liked that it flots, great for those who like to take a bath.

I have bought recently to try again as I remember using as a kid. I am a bar soap only girl so for me I still loved it and it still floats!

I used this soap while pregnant. The smell of other soaps made me nauseous. I started using this one and never had an issue with smell. But my only complaint is my skin would feel rough after I used it.

Gentle enough to use on a child with eczema. Love it

the sent is what i love. It floats and never sinks. i will say you will want to grab some lotion after

Ivory reminds me of my grandmother, she always had this soap in her bathroom. It smells great but dries out my skin.

Leaves skin filmy and dry. Love smell and great brand. Decently priced.

like it better than the other soaps;doesn't have a strong smell and lathers up pretty good

I have used this soap since I was a kid. As I got older and ran my own household I tried different soaps but always had a problem with too much perfume, allergic reactions or dry irritated skin. I always wound up going back to Ivory. It is wonderful because there is nothing in it that could cause a problem but I feel like it leaves a film on my skin. That being said I would recommend it if you have sensitive skin as i do.

This is a great value and a great product I have OCD and wash my hands constantly and this product really helps keep my hands looking smooth & soft.

I have years using this soap i start it using when i was small my mom would use it on me because when i was smaller i use to be allergic to scented soaps so the doctor told my mom to use that on me and its great iI could sometimes use scented soaps but for some reason they make me sneezed when i m using them but when i use the ivory soap it dosnt make me sneezed it live my skin great .

My mom always bought this because it was cheap, but it left my skin feeling filmy and dry. I don't care for it, but the smell always gets me because it reminds me of home.