Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo

Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo

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Love the smell and great feel it leaves in your hair.

I enjoy this product b/c it leaves my hair smelling good and clean.

I had horribly damaged hair from chemicals a while back. It was so bad that my hair stylist was shocked. I bought a bottle of this and a thing of the conditioner that goes with it and began using it. Before I had finished the bottle, my hair was so much better! It got its shine back, no longer looked damaged, and it was so soft and beautiful. The next time I went to the hair stylist and asked to get my hair cut, she went on and on about how healthy and beautiful my hair was and actually encouraged me not to cut it off. I am pregnant right now, and pregnancy has made my hair so full (not in a good way!), and it has heat damage as well. My husband just surprised me by ordering this again for me, because he knew it worked so well last time. I can't wait to see the results.

Smells pretty great and leaves your hair feeling nice and clean. It also hydrates well and I really feel like I deep cleaned my hair. Paired with the conditioner, it's a definite must have.

I really like this product line! It smells very good, and always leaves my hair super smooth/soft/shiny and very hydrated. When I feel my hair is getting dry and damaged from heat use I go to this product! Very good quality salon shampoo!

absolutely loved this shampoo! I haven't changed shampoo in over a decade, but I certainly do love this one. It made my hair feel silky soft and the curls held their shape longer once it was dry. Best part.. I didn't get any frizz!

i loved the cleAN refreshing feel of this shampoo would be buying in the future

Just used this once and i am already in love and can definitely tell an inprovment in my hair!

I recently picked up this product and am not disappointed with how it works on my hair! I love the smell and the feel of my hair after is a bonus. So far, it has kept my hair mosturized and the conditioner seems to help keep my hair smooth and shiny. I have thick medium length hair so not all products work well with it. My daughter is starting to use this product as well so that's a bonus for us. The price is good as well and I hope the liter size will last us the next couple of months!!

I love this product! It made my hair feel great!

So I totally love this product! A little goes a long way with this shampoo, it smells great, it makes my hair feel, smell and look great. It has been very humid this pass month using it and it still makes my hair look and feel so smooth. No frizz especially when used with the conditioner, i am in love!!!

Not only does this shampoo work great but it smells soooooooo good!!!

Amazing! smells good and left my hair feeling super soft

Great product. Leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh after one shampoo - no need to shampoo twice. I also love the clean smell. Combined with the conditioner, my hair stay soft and feels smoother longer in b/w washes!

I keep wondering why my shower smells like an upscale salon, and then remember it's because I'm using this product! Love what it does to my hair.