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  • tdbeach By  tdbeach    

    Love this site- awesome way to try new products and great way to get honest opinions from normal people about new products before you purchase them

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  • SammaSpot By  SammaSpot    

    I love BzzAgent! I've received numerous products for free from them and they always include nice high dollar coupons as well to share with friends. If you love free products then join and have fun, you won't be sorry and your friends will love you when you share.

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  • babagrlshell By  babagrlshell    

    BzzAgent can be quite hit and miss. It's frustrating when you know you've got amazing social media statistics, but you're overlooked for lots of the campaigns.

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  • ChaelaVsKayla By  ChaelaVsKayla    

    This is the best sample site I've ever tried since the samples are full sized and all you have to do is review the products to get more samples!

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  • Smith4190 By  Smith4190    

    Best freebie site ever!!! They sent me a new electric Braun razor for hubby and it retails for $150+ in stores. Also waiting to receive a huge nerf gun for my son! I have received other stuff too! I am honest about the reviews.

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  • skyrobinson By  skyrobinson    

    BzzAgent is awesome! I love this website and company. You get full size products to try out for absolutely free. I love it. It's actually the first company that sent me free products in exchange for my review. Just fill out a couple of surveys and that's it.

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  • missmoniques81 By  missmoniques81    

    I have been a BzzAgent for almost 2 months now and I wrapping up my first campaign and I will be starting my second in a few weeks! So far BzzAgent has been an amazing experience! It's a great opportunity to try products that your maybe wouldn't normally buy and they give you the social platform to express your opinions and experiences! All the campaigns I have received through them have been for products that I actually use/want to try which is a huge plus in my book! I would definitely recommend BzzAgent to anyone thinking of trying one of the many social media based review sites!

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  • Paperdoll13 By  Paperdoll13    

    I been a bzz agent for about two years now. I love it! They send u full size products to try and review about it.

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  • Verudiaz By  Verudiaz    

    Love the website... They truly send you products for test and give you a feedback of your reviews.. I did recommend this website to friends and families.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    I have been a bzzagent for about 4 years. They send great full size products to try out. and they also give great coupons to use yourself and to hand out. I have had the opportunity to try out many things like BB creams, Eye shadow, grocery store items from big companies like Glade, Garnier, Tru moo, Hormel, Claritin, Dunkin Donuts, Burt's Bees and many more. There activities are mostly fun. Some can be a little tedious, but it;s worth it to be a member.

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  • MardyL By  MardyL    

    I have been a BzzAgent for about two months, I have been sent 5 full sized products to try,.and keep. I have done several surveys, and shared coupons with friends,.as they send high dollar coupons. It is fun, and I reccommend it to everyone

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  • smartlady By  smartlady    

    I am a bzzagent for a few months now it took two months for my first campaign now i have three campaign to try.I am very happy that i joined.

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  • corinnab By  corinnab    

    It took awhile but now have 3 campaigns to try at once , so glad I joined!

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  • conniespence By  conniespence    

    I like bzzagent. i got to try out Glade products and keep them. It was a nice experience.

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  • kaeh27 By  kaeh27    

    So I signed up a couple of weeks ago and i'm still waiting on my first campaign. They run really cool campaigns and i would love to join in and take part of it. So fingers crossed i've read some reviews of people saying they haven't received a campaign in months or a year and i hope that doesn't become me. So i'm keeping my hopes up seems like a really cool site!

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