Instyler The Rotating Iron

Instyler The Rotating Iron

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I didn't enjoy my InStyler experience! It wouldn't do anything really for my hair but tangle it. My hair tends to be pretty thick and wavy, so the InStyler didn't straighten OR curl it too well. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

i do not own this myself as it is too expensive for my taste, however a friend of mine has one and I used it and absolutely loved the results, it was easy to use and did a great job straightening my hair.

Did not like this at all! It didnt do a thing for my hair! Wouldnt curl it or straighten it,and it was WAY too expensive.

This is too expensive and dont work for my long hair!

I bought this and returned it. It was okay but not great, especially for the price. My ceramic straightner works better and wasnt as expensive.

i have heard about this a lot on t.v but i dnt know if it really works hmm!!

I was honestly nervous about buying this iron. I have a lot of really really curly thick hair. I ended up buying it due to it being on sale at target. An I love it! It gives my hair a shine and really full at the roots. It dosent take any longer than using a regular flat iron. I have only used it twice, I usually wear my hair naturally curly so I havent mastered how to make spiral or curls with it. I think it def was worth the money.

I do like this product but I'm just not as excited as I used to be about it. I've owned to (not because of manufacturer's problems) and the second one has cause me problems. It randomly turns off while usi it, and takes forever to heat up. Both were loud, which isn't that bad of a problem. Sometimes it takes forever to get kinks out which I ind strange since this is what thu advertise heavily for! My hair is barely wavy at that!

i have one but i had to stop using it because it didn't work for my hair. And i was very upset that it didn't work with my hair at all. :(

way over priced i have very long hair and it dont do a thing for me. my hair is naturally curly and it dont straighten it worth a darn, it just makes it frizzy. i have had this for about a year and i only use it on my 8 year old for school pictures. she has long hair also but it is straight and fine, so it works ok on her hair to make it smooth but not to curl it. i wouldnt use it everyday because even on the lowest setting it smokes bad when you apply it to your hair even when i have no product what so ever on my kids hair. affraid it will damage her fine hair. i wouldnt buy this again.

I bought my instyler not to long ago, on my hair its ok, i have very straight long hair and its hard to keep any curl or wave in it without using tons of product, even with product within 3 hrs its all gone. It is a good tool to smooth frizz and flip ends. But it doesn't last. Versus using a flat iron the hair is healthier. I also tried it on my friend with curly hair and it smoothed her hair but the bulk of her curls were not straightened, it took so long, we just used the flat iron instead.

I love my InStyler! I have been using my InStyler for one year now, and I can really see a difference in the healthiness of my hair. Before my InStyler, I would use a straight-iron (Chi) everyday. My hair would be brittle and break off very easily, and I couldn't get it to grow. Now, my hair is down to the middle of my back, and I get compliments on my hair all the time! I have to thank my InStyler for that! I would, and I have recommended this to my friends and family!

I was excited to try it. With frizzy, curly hair, I thought the Instyler would be the answer to all my problems, but it really can't handle my hair the way a good flat iron can. It works great on my daughter's hair. She loves it, and it makes her hair smooth and shiny. I still keep it, but not for myself. It doesn't work for my hair texture.

The Instyler is a fantastic product on straight or curly hair. I've owned one for two years and love it! Don't buy it thru the infomercial. Bed, Beth and Beyond sells it for $99.99 and you with a 20% off coupon you only pay $80! it has transformed my daughters curly, frizzy hair and has added a nice curl to my bone straight hair!

Hubby splurge on this for me at christmas time, and I still use it. While I do not think it does it just like the commericals, it is the best thing for me and straightening. It is easy, not as damaging as my old straight iron and its easy to use. Plus I do nto have to worry about the kids grabbing it on accident.