Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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The best wipes I've used on my son. They are thick and clean well.

I love Huggie's Natural Care wipes. They work very well on my daughter and I occasionally use them myself for cleaning messes and whatnot. They are semi thin, but other than that, great!

i LOVED THIS WIPES! I consider them better than pampers. They are more delicate to the baby skim. I still use them for my toddler.

I love these! They are thick and I feel like the do a really good job cleaning up. I definitely recommend these to anyone!

These are the ONLY wipes i trust on my baby's bottom . Natural and gentle formula and can clean up blow outs with just one wipe

This is the only brand I will use. They smell great and my daughter has sensitive skin and these do not give her any kind of rash.

Love these wipes. I've used them on my daughter since she was born and I've never had an issue with them. Her bottom is always nice & clean, no rashes or allergic reactions.

My little guy is a sensitive one and when I was pregnant I asked all my friends which wipe is the best one.. all of them said Huggies natural, they are thick and absorbent and you don't need to use a lot so it saves you money. Wouldn't use any other wipe .

Huggies Natural Care are practically the only baby wipes I have used since my son was born. They're soft enough and moist enough to get him clean but not irritate his skin and the fact that they are fragrance free makes them even better!

These wipes always help me get the job done quick and easy. My daughter as with any baby hates diaper changes and these wipes are durable enough to clean up even the messiest of blow outs she throws my way. I love the fact there are no added ingredients and that makes it gentle on her skin.

Huggies wipes give my son a horrible rash! I thought maybe it was his newborn sensitive skin, but my husband picked up a case instead of our usual pampers and after two uses in one day our son had the rash again! I will never buy them again and I don't recommend them at all!

Love these wipes! Very gentle, not scratchy like some other brands.

Preferred brand for our little one! No leaks, great absorbency, no smell, and delicate on skin! 100% go to, and the brand I recommend to other new mums.

Huge huge huge fan of these wipes! I started.out going for the cheapest wipes which was usually the store brand. They weren't bad. But I was gifted with some Huggies wipes and what a difference! They're thicker and textured and do an amazing job of cleaning while using less of them. I converted immediately and absolutely love these wipes. I am definitely a fan of Natural care but I really do like scented wipes too. I think they're great for poopsplosions. All in all, extremely effective wipes.

Found that these wipes always seemed to break apart. Not what you want when changing a messy diaper!