Tide To Go

Tide To Go

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I really like this little invention! It's great to have when I go out with my son. It doesn't seem to matter where we go, if there is something to get into he's going to find it. This product has saved many many outfits.

Great product and very convenient with children. I can stash this in my duaper bag or purse.

perfect for those accidents all over your clothes!!

This works great. Fast acting as long as you haven't let the mess sit! Fits in my purse, and I use it for everything! Little ones are always getting something on there clothes, these keeps me sane.

This is a wonderful product to carry with me at all times, as I am a spiller and a dropper! I keep one in my purse, always travel with an extra in my suitcase, and keep one under the kitchen sink for 'in the home" spots, especially for guests who do not want to wipe down their clothing with soap and water. Offer them a "Tide to Go" stain stick and they immediately say yes!

One of the best inventions in laundry. It's amazing at getting at all kinds of stains and not harming the clothes while you're out and need a quick fix. It smells great, too. I keep one everywhere, the only downside is that it tends to dry out pretty quickly or if you haven't used it in 6-8 months.

I love Tide pens - my recent use was on a trip to Italy, where I got pizza sauce on my new purse. My friend whipped out a tide pen, and in a few minutes you couldn't even tell. This was pizza sauce on white, too!

I love keeping this in my purse and diaper bag. Also great for your desk at work. I don't know how many times this was needed when I was away from home and unable to immediately toss something in the laundry. It really keeps stains from setting and does what it's supposed to. Highly recommend if you have kids or are just clumsy like me!

To be completely honest I was disappointed with this, I thought it would work a little better. My boyfriend got a stain on one of his shirts so I was excited to try it out but it didn't work. It helped a small bit but not by much.

I used this product before when I was young so when I got it I forgot weather it works well and when I used it , it worked extremely well it's great to keep with you incase you get something on your clothes while your out in public I would recommend this product to anyone.

Does the job. Great for on the go when you spill ketchup or something else on your shirt. Ugh hate those moments but this stuff works. Gets the stain out and keeps it from setting in.

I don't leave my house without this in my purse. It has saved many of my own clothes and has helped out quite a few of my friends. It is so easy to use and dries quickly. Once you wash the clothes that had the spill, no stain.

Love this. I took it with me to an important women's event, spilled something on my short. Seconds later pulled this out and it was gone within a minute and a half. I have stocked up on them and carry them in my purse and school bag as well.

I received one of these from my mom when I left for college, because she knew that I wasn't going to survive without it! Always the first to make a mess, I am constantly in need of a quick fix- and the Tide Stick is the perfect answer :)

This product was made for me I swear but no really I love it so much EVERY TIME I wear a white shirt it literally takes seconds for me to get something on it thank god for this product