Dr Brown's  by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

Dr Brown's by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

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Amazing I love this bottle. I used this bottle every time I have my kids and they love it I love it.

Pro/Con of Mr.Brown's Bottle I would say that these bottles have pros and cons to it. A pro is that its reduces colic in babies when feeding but a con about them is that its hard to clean out the blue thing that is inside it.

The one and only bottles to use. I have used these bottles for all three of my kids. When switching to another type of bottle in a pinch, I really noticed a huge difference. These are the only bottles I will use. I recommend them to everyone I know who has or will have a baby. They really helped my two out of three colicky babies. My third has never been colicky thankfully, but I still use them.

Love/Hate Relationship I have a love/hate relationship with Dr. Brown. I love how they help your baby with colic issues, but I don't understand why no matter what you do, the bottle spills. It's such a waste of very expensive formula, which right now is hard to find. There are multiple pieces to the bottle, so you do spend a lot of time cleaning and piecing them back together.

Great bottle's I love these bottle's. I used them with all four of my kids. Babies don't get so much gas from their milk because of this bottle!

Best Bottles The only bottles my son would use when he was an infant. He rarely got an upset stomach because they help prevent gas bubbles for little tummies.

Great for a consistent flow Works great for easy flow. The baby adapted well to the nipple and has performed to fit her needs in transition from breast feeding. The only downside is the cleaning. The white plastic top that stacks on top of the blue funnel is a bit tricky to clean since it gets a lot of the buildup there. That's where all the chunks and stains accumulate. I do have to manually scrub with the nipple cleaner but other than that great bottle!

Nice bottles Nice bottles, the only brand that my daughter likes!

game changer love these to help a baby have less colic and gas!

The best I used these bottles for my son, and now I buy them for my grandkids and they do not disappoint. My grandson gets really bad gas, and these help a lot. Just make sure to clean them really well when you wash them

Great bottles ! Dr. Brown's were the only bottles I used for my 3 kids. They are durable, helpful, and easy for babies to drink. I never had an issue using them. My kids loved them too !

Good, but not ideal for breastfed babies. Nice size bottles and they do seem to help with gas. Our daughter didn't like the nipple on these bottles as it was very flexible and small compared to others we've tried. We would try again, but didn't end up being our first choice. Not idea for breastfed babies.

My go to bottle This was my go to with my daughter! They helped prevent gas. I did receive some that leaked but the company sent me new ones. There are several pieces to clean but it really is worth it.

Good Ok, so originally I hated these bottles because they leaked all over. But my baby has had really bad gas and I got desperate. How could there be so many good reviews if they all leak? What am I doing wrong? Turns out, the fill line "do not fill above this line" is obvious once you look for it. The directions "hold at 45 degrees and keep the vent end out of the milk" is much less obvious. Both are definitely complicated to figure out when you haven't slept properly in months. Bottom line is that they really reduce gas... but be careful how you hold them and fill them to feed you baby. If you're careful, they work like a charm.

Our first babe used these so well we decided to try them with our twins. Nearly 9 months later we are still only using these bottles. All three of our kiddos are so different with their feeding preferences but these bottles worked great for them all!