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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    Do not like at all. Poor child seating in the bace cant see anything

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  • noodlesoups By  noodlesoups    

    I love Phil & Ted's I bought this when I was pregnant and throughout my pregnancy received two other strollers, an Eddie Bauer, and a Graco. The Graco has more features than the Vibe, like cup holders, but it just felt cheap and not solid at all. I cross a busy street in my neighborhood everyday when I go out walking, the speed limit is 35, but most people go 45 or 50. I feel a lot safer with my Vibe because the frame is thick and tough, if someone were to hit us while walking the roll bar in front alone would keep my daughter safe. The other two strollers I have seem like they would break apart instantly. Also the customer service is wonderful. I had a problem with a tire that was warped on arrival. All I was asked to do is provide my purchase info and a picture of the tire then I was sent a replacement. Love this company, can't wait until I get to use the doubles kit.

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  • ZackRider By  ZackRider    


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  • Alice111 By  Alice111    

    Great as a single stroller, I love the style and the liner is really plush for my baby. I use this as a double when I have my niece, it's even better as a double! A little tricky to fold with the second seat on until you get used to it (I have my niece only once every two weeks), but apart from that I can't really fault the Vibe.

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  • HollyH By  HollyH    

    Great buggy - really sexy and can go anywhere!

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  • scowell009 By  scowell009    

    I love this stroller! My son is 19 months and my daughter is 7 months. This rides so smooth. The only complaint is that there is no cup holder!

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  • kellithrasher1 By  kellithrasher1    

    Just a stroller....May need shock support

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  • nosey1 By  nosey1    

    Once you use this stroller you will not be able to use another one.

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  • nikkisg By  nikkisg    

    this is expensive that is the first thing you will notice but well worth its my son is 6 and daughter three and we still use it to this very day, not a complaint. Highly recommend this product!

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  • itshotinjt By  itshotinjt    

    This was okay until the wheel messed up. It was still under warranty when I started contacting Phil and Ted and kept getting passed around, needing to find a distributer in US. When I finally did, they told me it wasn't under warranty, only to find out later that it had, in fact, still been under warranty. HORRIBLE customer service. Not the greatest quality for the price. I wish I had had a regular double stroller that cost half as much as this had.

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    2 years ago my daughter had twins, Austin & Catherine, the absolute lights of my life. I thought I would buy this stroller to keep in my home since I would be watching the children when my daughter returned back to work after maternity leave. I've now had it for 2 years, and it's far from perfection, to say the least. The jump seat has short headroom - I pushed the inside so the headroom is on top of the bar so that it still fits my 2 year old grandson, even though that makes it recline less. I am not pleased with the balance on hills - I cannot push it down a moderately steep hill b/c in order to slow it I pull back on the handle and it tips backwards. I would not use it in a hilly city and I avoid hills in my city. I think a hand 'slowdown' mechanism would help here like a bike brake. A problem that many people have is the front wheel. I have had this stroller and my Maclaren repaired at the same shop, and they are very experienced in stroller repair. They have replaced the front wheel of my Vibe because it was badly bent at the attachment point. I have flown with it (the travel bag needs to be bigger too), but they say that has happened to other people just because they have had the wheel at a bad angle when they folded it. This is very easy to do - I cannot tell what a "good" angle is. I saw another mother pushing her Vibe the other day and I mentioned this to her b/c I could see hers had the same problem - if you look at it from the front, you can see when the front wheel is straight forward that it has a sideways angle. Mine just stuck and wouldn't push anymore when it got too bent. They need a stronger wheel attachment. It gets a big workout with 75 lbs of kid in it. It does the job but would do it better with these improvements. The kids love riding in it though.

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  • msrenee323 By  msrenee323    

    This is not a product that I would purchase. Looks like it would be uncomfortable for the children and they can't interact

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  • almatthews78 By  almatthews78    

    Before I purchased my P&T I did a lot of research and asked a lot of friends (most had the double BOB). While I had the single BOB (and loved it), I did not want something as heavy and as wide as the double BOB. I would definitely recommend the P&T. The best part is that is can be a single stroller, too. When my second daughter was an infant, I would put the seat all the way back so she could lay down and sleep and put my first daughter on the front seat. Then we would play musical chairs a bit as my second daughter grew - but it was so easy to use. I think if the makers of the BOB and the makers of Phil and Ted got together - they could make the ultimate stroller because there were things in both strollers I loved and hated. I sold my Phil & Teds recently (they have a great re-sale value) and told the mom who purchased it that I gave that stroller a lot of love and I hope she would too.

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  • corilynn By  corilynn    

    This stroller just seems weird to me. Why would a child want to sit in the back of the stroller at the bottom with nothing to look at but the back of the front seat? And it doesn't look like there is enough room back there either... it just doesn't make sense to put the child at the bottom in the back...

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  • asalinas02 By  asalinas02    

    We felt this was the best choice for a double stroller for our family. I needed a double stroller but did not want a wide stroller nor did I want one of the long double strollers either. The stroller is really well made and we had a little trouble with the frame and they quickly sent us out a replacement. Their customer service can not be beat by any other company - they are the best. There are a few points to consider when thinking of this stroller: 1) this is not an easy stroller to manuver and it requires 2 hands to do so. 2) this is a heavy stroller and can be difficult to pick-up if you are small and it seems as if you need an SUV to fit it in. 3)be careful with the red brake button - it really stops the stroller fast (which is a blessing if you need it). The style surpasses any negative out there and beats a BOB or any other pricey stroller any day of the week. Check out all of the ways you can use this stroller and you will quickly learn how this can make being the parent of two much easier.

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