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  • Milkac By  Milkac    

    This little Dora desk is so cute, perfect for my 3 year neice when we first bought, she's 5 years old now and still uses it, I caught her and her little friend playing school the other

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  • Luscioustracy12 By  Luscioustracy12    

    I bought this dora chair for my daughter and she loves it..very good quality my daughter love to use it for homework and to eat on it. So easy to clean and has a little storage box under the chair where you can put a few thing to hold. The chair is so cute and easy to put together.

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  • gambler2 By  gambler2    

    Love this chair, I bought 4 of them for each of my grandchildren. Very sturdy

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  • jackie_mc16 By  jackie_mc16    

    My two toddlers have the Minnie Mouse and Jake and The Neverland Pirates chairs. Great quality furniture. Very sturdy and lots of fun for the children.

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  • tdouglas861 By  tdouglas861    

    Way to make a princess out of a big girl she loved it

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    No. Cheaply made, and paint chips, and it broke within a few weeks. Do not recommend

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  • Melanie_Christensen By  Melanie_Christensen    

    My daughter has the Minnie Mouse version of this chair and she loves it! She does everything from coloring to eating on this thing. It is a great desk.

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  • arevanovich By  arevanovich    

    My daughter loves this desk!! It is sturdy and does not tip over. The only slight downside to it is the storage part is a little loud on the close as my daughter just lets it fall but a few cushion stickers solved that problem

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    very sturdy and my daughter loves Dora!

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  • khays2616 By  khays2616    

    Got one for my little girl & she loves it! She will sit in front of the tv & color in it all day. She also likes to eat her snacks in it.

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  • SoftWings7 By  SoftWings7    

    Bought one for my niece, and she just loves it. That the first place she wants to sit.

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  • celenaj By  celenaj    

    My children love this! Perfect for toddlers!

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  • sarahburgess By  sarahburgess    

    bought this for my goddaughter keeps her entertained for hours

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  • 6pennies By  6pennies    

    This is a great desk that I have bought several times for different daughters one daughter used hers for a desk while the other daughter wanted to use hers in the kitchen to eat her breakfast lunch and dinner on. This is a great product that has many uses

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  • christyhooksguerrero By  christyhooksguerrero    

    My daughter loves her Dora desk!

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