CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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Love this show! This has to be one of my favorite tv shows on television being a bit of a geek in school the subtle jokes remind me of friends while the basic slapstick is bonus

Funny show with good storyline I have been watching the Big Bang Theory for years now and it is great. I have loved the progression of the characters and seeing them all grow together. It's funny and quirky and gives some comedic relief! :)

Big Bang is a must see show, that you will in love with once you see it!!! One of the best sitcoms out there. Sheldon is extremely smart, but does not get sarcasm and Amy Farrah Fowler is his loyal girlfriend. Penny and Leonard are a cute but odd couple. Bernadette and Howard are the perfect couple. Raj is still trying to find the right companion. Perfect cast of characters make this sitcom both heartwarming and hilarious. A must see show.

love watching big bang. love all the characters, keeps me laughing the entire show. good family show. my entire family enjoys watching

just started watching going to have to check up on the reruns. but the show is funny

I love this show as does my husband. We rarely watch tv but when we do it's mostly this, games or news. Sheldon is my absolute favorites character and his personality is both endearing and quite funny. I love it wouldn't stop watching it ever.

really funny in a smart way. ideal for nerds and people who are not the center of attetion!

this show is hilarious, it always brightens up my day.

I love this show, It's really unique, It's funny, and actually very good at educating the public

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows. Very funny. It is one of those shows that the whole family will set down together and watch

This show is one of my favorite. The silly humor and the way they speak. My son and I watch ever Thursday night.

This show is absolutely incredible. The fact that it is still on after so many episodes should speak for itself. It has a cast of incredibly talented and versatile actors/actresses. It is the one show I am always caught up on. As a single mom I definitely don't have as much time for TV anymore but when it comes to Big Bang Theory I make time. It's hysterically funny, witty, and emotional at times. Its adorable and you will easily fall in love with the cast and maybe learn something about science while you're at it. It's quite possible you could get away with calling this show "educational"!

Big Bang theory is funny in a nerdy dry humor sit of way I enjoy it

It is really anti stress! super funny, I love how they show intelligence, childish side, and passion for what you really like to do..really love sheldon and penny..

At first I thought I would be so bored and not understand what was going on, but once I got into it i love it!!