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    was a ok movie to watch once maybe twice..but great story tho because some women maybe man too can really get obsessed like that...some scence was real to played and not like no camera is there..kinda like a beginner acting career..but ok to watch

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  • josmommy By  josmommy    

    wasnt impressed, held my attention but to predictable

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  • alisastegall By  alisastegall    

    It was a nice movie and it will make you think. there was a dry type ending.

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    This movie was a great edge of your seat movie. Good action and plot lines. Beyonce was not at her best in this movie. Ali Larter was good as usual. The ending was action packed, but didn't have a very informative ending. Kinda lacked something. Maybe a sequel in the works? Idk..

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