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  • flurrymini By  flurrymini    

    I have not tried Swiffer Vac yet, but I would love to try it out.

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  • Claudiree By  Claudiree    

    I want to try this item. I used to have one but it got lost when we moved. II loved using it at that time.

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  • Margie807 By  Margie807    

    I do use this product.. i have 3 dogs and wet, it picks up the dog hair.

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  • Janiceb By  Janiceb    

    I like the Swiffer sweeper vacuum it damp mops and vacuums at the same time, the fact that it seems to get all the little stuff I miss when I sweep before mopping in the beginning I thought was wonderful then I tried it with out sweeping and discovered that the floor looked just as good with out sweeping so it became my favorite go to. I am all about something that saves time and energy.

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  • Pookey29 By  Pookey29    

    Light weight. Wipes up little messes easy. Not good if you have to scrub.

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  • cmnix17 By  cmnix17    

    Easy to use and lightweight. Works great for a quick clean-up but it loses it charge quickly and has to be kept plugged in all the time.

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  • JustGinaJoan By  JustGinaJoan    

    I love all my Swiffer Products, including this one. I bought one for my mom because it is so easy to use and light weight. Works great!

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  • sandyhartman By  sandyhartman    

    I love my swifter vac. With a cat and a yorkie I use this daily for my kitchen and hall. When my last one died( after 5years) I actually asked for one for my birthday

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  • Maria12 By  Maria12    

    Loved this on my floors but thought it was best in my tile flooring instead. Easy to use and re-place.

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  • geniusesareoverrated By  geniusesareoverrated    

    I originally loved this, especially considering how lightweight it is but after using it for around 3 months the battery started spazzing out. I would use it for like 5 min. and it would run out of batteries.

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  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    It's easy to use and very light weight , it's great for picking up the little messes. Especially with having kids .

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  • Melanieelise By  Melanieelise    

    Not this best in my opinion I'd rather stick with my mop

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  • CreativeSpark By  CreativeSpark    

    The Swiffer Sweeper Vac is good for a quick pick up, does not have strong suction power, and does not hold a charge very long.

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  • katitiak By  katitiak    

    very easy to use and very lightweight. I am a love of Swiffer items. They don't take up a lot of space and they clean very well since my place is so small.

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  • kmorasse By  kmorasse    

    Great for a quick clean-up, but not a finished sparkling clean look.

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