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  • Pookey29 By  Pookey29    

    Light weight. Wipes up little messes easy. Not good if you have to scrub.

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  • cmnix17 By  cmnix17    

    Easy to use and lightweight. Works great for a quick clean-up but it loses it charge quickly and has to be kept plugged in all the time.

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  • JustGinaJoan By  JustGinaJoan    

    I love all my Swiffer Products, including this one. I bought one for my mom because it is so easy to use and light weight. Works great!

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  • sandyhartman By  sandyhartman    

    I love my swifter vac. With a cat and a yorkie I use this daily for my kitchen and hall. When my last one died( after 5years) I actually asked for one for my birthday

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  • Maria12 By  Maria12    

    Loved this on my floors but thought it was best in my tile flooring instead. Easy to use and re-place.

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  • geniusesareoverrated By  geniusesareoverrated    

    I originally loved this, especially considering how lightweight it is but after using it for around 3 months the battery started spazzing out. I would use it for like 5 min. and it would run out of batteries.

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  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    It's easy to use and very light weight , it's great for picking up the little messes. Especially with having kids .

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  • Melanieelise By  Melanieelise    

    Not this best in my opinion I'd rather stick with my mop

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  • CreativeSpark By  CreativeSpark    

    The Swiffer Sweeper Vac is good for a quick pick up, does not have strong suction power, and does not hold a charge very long.

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  • katitiak By  katitiak    

    very easy to use and very lightweight. I am a love of Swiffer items. They don't take up a lot of space and they clean very well since my place is so small.

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  • kmorasse By  kmorasse    

    Great for a quick clean-up, but not a finished sparkling clean look.

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    in OK products to use on floor

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  • squirrelmaster By  squirrelmaster    

    I was given this product as a housewarming gift and I love it! The only setback is the suction power. It does do very well, but it can't pick up anything too heavy and the power only lasts for a couple cleanings. I find myself charging it often.

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  • 5littlejohnsons By  5littlejohnsons    

    This product is a great but doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. We mainly use it in our kitchen and it gets clogged very easily.We like it, but just wish it had a little more suction power!

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  • Flarelady By  Flarelady    

    Not all that great. I have bought two. One I bought thinking hey why not I get little things on the floor sometimes why not. The sucking power dies down after awhile and it seemed like I always had to charge it. I did like how light it was and could carry it up and down the stairs but when this one wouldn't work as well we still had the pads so we decided maybe it was a flook with that one but no it seemed to happen again so we just use our dyson on the floor now.

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