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ABC Castle

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I love Castle! It is one of those rare shows that pulls off the right mix of drama and comedy. I have always been a big fan of the light-hearted whodunit, but I cannot stomach the gore and/or dark nature of so many of the current procedurals. Castle is the perfect alternative. I cannot wait for the next season!

I like castle I think it is a great show always keeps you wanting to know what's going to happen next :-)

Castle is one of my favorite shows!

I love this show. Funny, clever, some mystery good story and plot. What's not to like?

Love, love, love this show. I just have to watch season 1 and 2 now to see how it all started.

Good show, watch it during the day on tvo, my husband doesnt like this show.

Great show! My husband thinks the acting is a little cheesy, but I think it's great! One of my favorites!

AWESOME! My husband introduced me to this show! I love Nathan's acting and was so excited to see him in another tv series! I hope this show goes on for a very long time!

Love this show! love the character relationships, love the mystery, the drama. However, I dont like how castle has no clue how to solve a case and voila! after talking to his mom and daughter he immediately breaks the case. meh

This is my favorite show on TV (and I watch a lot of TV). Love the writing and the characters. If you haven't watched it, take the time to watch the next episode.

Love this show. I cant wait for what is going to happen next.

Castle is one of my favorite shows and one of the top spots on my Tivo. The two main characters are great together and each week another interesting case gets resolved. I love how it's not your average crime show but with a twist.

Castle is an amazing show. It's one of my favorites. I love the cast and I especially love the chemistry between Castle and Kate, the main characters. I have my husband hooked on this too!

Terrific, funny, and mysterious all at the same time. The cast has great dynamics and chemistry. Our family watches this one together. They have great guest start too!

I actually accidentally stumbled across this show and am so glad I did. Nathan Fillion as Castle is superb and the chemistry and relationship between Castle and Beckett is fun and dynamic. The settings are creative and the entire cast is great to watch and get to know as the show continues on. It just seems to keep getting better and better and I Have recommended it to all of my friends and family!