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Huggies Diapers

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Huggies are fine for short time periods with my son. If he Napa with this brand he wakes up wet. I think their sizes run a bit smaller than other brands as well.

I love Huggies. My oldest daughter was allergic to cheaper brands and Huggies was all I use for her. When I feel the diaper, instead of some cheap stuff- it feels like actual cotton. It's snug and fit. It doesn't have the plastic ball-like things when drenched.

Huggies is the only brand I use on my daughter. The quality & material of the diapers are great. I've never had any issues with leaks or rashes. Plus you get points that you can use at which makes me feel like an appreciated customer.

The only diaper I buy for my daughter. Started with pampers and after one to many blow outs we decided to switch brands and oh how glad I am we did! No leaks no blowouts no problems at all! Not to mention the reward points you get back! Love this company and will use them if I have any more kids in the future.

I love pampers diapers. My daughter urinates extremely frequently and these are the only diapers that seem to keep up with her. Even if we take a long car ride to grandma's house I don't have to worry about any leaks because they always exceed my expectations.

I absolutely love huggies long lasting diapers for sure

When we were pregnant with our first child I was recommended Huggies brand diapers so I registered for them. The little snugglers were great, but at the time they only went up to a size two. After he grew out of them we tried the other styles that Huggies offers, and I was severely disappointed! Leaking and blow outs EVERY time! I took the rest of our Huggies and exchanged them for Pampers and haven't looked back.

These diapers were the worst for my little girl. She had more blowouts in these diapers than any other diapers we tried. This product was not for us.

these diapers are ok,they don't work as good as some store brands, but they are good,not work the extreme price tag but I guess you pay for the brand name

I was given these diapers at my baby shower and used only one box before deciding they were not worth it. My daughter leaked EVERY time she pooped. I was even extra careful to make sure I had the elastic around the legs stretched out and the diaper properly placed around the waist. I spent half my time changing her diaper and the rest of my time cleaning her clothes. I took the rest of my baby shower Huggies and exchanged them for pampers.

I only use huggies diapers on my daughter. I tried pampers and luvs and the quality of the huggies diaper was always superior to these brands. My biggest complaint with pampers diapers were the Velcro strip that connects the diaper would cut her thigh. With the huggies diapers they do not cut my daughter's thighs and (in my opinion) fit much better than the other brands out there. I also like their rewards program and their coupons are always better too!

These diapers are okay. I have an extra box for the kids I babysit when they run out of diapers. They get the job done but aren't great. They have leaks sometimes. Usually the generic ones do just as well as these.

My daughter is one years old and the huggies diapers that I purchased for her did not hold up through the night ....the stretch part of The diapers around her inner leg leaked a lot overnight..

I don't like huggies. Their too expensive and they broke both of my girls at to the point where they were bleeding

We were recommended Huggies so that's what I registered for. They did not work for us at all. I returned every box we had because my son leaked out of them constantly and I was tired of getting pee and poop everywhere.