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  • lynn64 By  lynn64    

    I'm not a yogurt lover by any means.... but the Yoplait chocolate flavored whips are delicious!

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  • pixiesparkles By  pixiesparkles    

    I love these so much, they are so light

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  • DeeNease By  DeeNease    

    Love this...especially the lime. Whips are the best. Light and fluffy.

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  • quietwater By  quietwater    

    Not a fan. Strange texture and for the calories I'd rather eat a cookie.

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  • wendyk65 By  wendyk65    

    I love the Yoplait Whips. My favorite is the orange cream which tastes like a dreamsicle. I also like the chocolate mouse, the rasberry , and the strawberry mist. They taste to me more like I am having a dessert.

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  • Jhuxley By  Jhuxley    

    I LOVE yoplait yogurt, outstanding in comparison to any other brand, light and fluffy very appealing to the taste buds and good for you all around!

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  • joanna55 By  joanna55    

    I love Yoplait yogurt. Very creamy and smooth. I have tried store brands, well known brands and they were awful. It goes to show you not to beleive everything you see advertised. This yogurt stands up to its reputation. I have bought several and have been eating everyday.

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  • Shawnanagans By  Shawnanagans    

    I really like the Yoplait Whips. .They are fluffy and light, different from the regular Yoplait. They are more like dessert or a flavored whipped cream. I think they would be great over fruit.

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  • dora923 By  dora923    

    Love the Whips, they are like having dessert.

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  • SkullBunnie By  SkullBunnie    

    I love yoplait and the whipped is very good but I have to freeze it to truely enjoy it.

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  • EbbyLaster By  EbbyLaster    

    I liked this whipped yogurt only after freezing it. The texture was too light for me otherwise but it is tasty. I'll tick to regular

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  • FrannieCakes By  FrannieCakes    

    Not usually one to fancy yogurt but I have to say this is yummy! It's light and creamy and comes in great flavors.

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  • freads By  freads    

    it's ok

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  • theladypreferstosave By  theladypreferstosave    

    The yogurt is very good, but I always add a small amount of fruit or granola to it for a bit of texture! Great product, that I am generally able to apply coupons to as well!

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  • rt100111 By  rt100111    

    I love the lemon whips frozen. Just delicious.

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