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  • willettmakayla By  willettmakayla    

    these are good for teething if you dont mind a mess after. My son wasnt a huge fan of them either but they work wonder for some familys

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  • Rachel84 By  Rachel84    

    I really like this feeder, my daughter loves being able to self-feed. I only have one small grief, which is, it can be a little hard to clean the mesh, but I don't blame the manufacturer for that.

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  • SarahChristine By  SarahChristine    

    Great concept, however it is very messy! We used a handful of times and due to the mess we stopped. It is much easier to use other teething objects.

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  • Latinchic By  Latinchic    

    I used this product when my daughter was around 9 months old. It is perfect for FRUITS. I used it a lot. Highly recommend this product if you don't want to be worried about your kid choking this is the way to go.

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  • Annabel423 By  Annabel423    

    Its a good idea but my son used it a few minutes and thats it... i think he didn't like the feeling, he was 6 months old when i bought it for him.

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  • kam180 By  kam180    

    I have always loved these for my children, especially during that critical transition when baby is first trying solids and I am hesitant to give her the full food. It is great for bananas and other soft fruit.

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  • Alyanna17 By  Alyanna17    

    I love it but i only have one little issue. What ever fruit you put it as soon as the baby start eating it drip everywhere. So babies make a mess it It. But is good so they don't shock on the food.

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  • Jasmarie89 By  Jasmarie89    

    My son absolutely loves his little feeder. The only downfall is the mess that is made when he uses it.

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  • amandaakaaj By  amandaakaaj    

    I hated cleaning this item! My daughter didn't really like it and What a pain in the butt it was to open. I was happy to give it away! Never again will buy one.

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  • SydneyMichelle789 By  SydneyMichelle789    

    Both my boys loved this! I can give fruits in this without the worry of choking. I have NEVER had any foods come out of these at least not appropriately through the "mesh".

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  • omitaygayle By  omitaygayle    

    I just bought this for my 7 month old baby boy and he loves it! The first thing I put in it was a banana. He chewed and chewed it for such a long time. I watched him very closely and just teeny tiny bits were coming through. It's a great item if you want your baby to eat organic. I also use it on the go. It's much easier to grab a banana and this item, and get it ready and hand it to your baby to eat, than trying to spoon-feed baby food. Some reviews say it's hard to clean, but I don't think it is. You just have to hold it under a faucet to get the left over bits, then put a drop or two of dishwashing liquid on it and scrub it like you are lathering up a washcloth. Plus, my baby loves the way the material feels on his itch gums. The fabric isn't hard or stiff in any way, but it is made in a way that when he chews on it, it offers relief from teething. In fact, I will sometimes put a frozen piece of fruit in it for added teething relief. I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone with a baby. The only thing, and I mean only is that it can get messy. But, so can spoon-feeding a baby. I think it is a great item and have bought each of 3 babies a couple of these over the years.

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  • Lannah86 By  Lannah86    

    These are awesome, espeicailly with teething i throw a frozen fruit in there and she loves it. But its awful to clean and feels impossible when you dont have a dish washer.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    Great for toddlers! Perfect investment

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  • Londries By  Londries    

    These are great i love these!

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  • Tawnweya By  Tawnweya    

    These are awesome!!! I have put multiple foods in here, fresh & frozen. Yes, cleaning is a bit tedious, but if you let it sit in warm soapy water for a bit it rinses clean much more easily. A bit more on the cleaning end is totally worth it to me though, its a fabulous way for us all to eat dinner together!

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