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I love my Toms shoes. My job requires me to stand all day but still wear professional clothing. These are a much more comfortable option to just flats because I obviously can't wear sneakers with my dress pants. I have them in basic colors so I can match them with every outfit. The arch support is a great change from other shoes.

Comfortable Shoes I love my Toms shoes. They are comfortable to wear and walk in. They also have a slight bit of arch support that helps them feel more supportive. While I would not use them for long hikes, they are great for shorter walks in the city.

even with the bright colors and designs would wish they looked more feminine.

Amazing for daily use My job requires standing for most part of day. Can't even think of wearing the heals and putting my feet in trauma. I wear Bob shoes all day and even different sets for home use. that comfy they are.

Great! I love Toms! They are a great shoe for really anything. When you finally break them in they are molded to your foot and it's oh so comfortable. They don't last so long, like a sneaker might. I have had mine about 8 months and the color is a little off and the foam is all squished down, which is to be expected. If you want a pair of comfort cute shoes these are the ones!

I love these shoes! the flats, the wedges, they're all comfy and cute!

toms. Toms are very comfortable shoes you can wear everyday. when i was pregnant with my feet swollen i bought some of these so my feet can feel comfort while i was working. they have a variety of colors and patterns you can pick from. They are usually $50.

Good shoes I love these shoes and the way the company works. These shoes are comfortable and casual. They have many patterns and wearing them makes me feel good about the cause the company invests in with every pair of shoes sold. They are sturdy and great.

Love Toms!! I absolutely love these shoes!! I have 2 pairs of them and plan on purchasing more!! They are super cute and very comfortable!

CUTE N COMFY SLIP ON I cannot wear heels of any kind because of bunions.....ugh Thanks dads side of family!! I love Toms. So manu patterns to choose from. They can be casual or dressed up. Very comfy to me which is hard to find.

Don't waste your time and energy I have had the most difficult time dealing with Toms. They did not send me my store credit for referring someone in time, their website is constantly saying they have something in stock but when I order it, I get an email saying that they are out of stock. Whenever I try to email a question or concern, the answer I get back takes forever and it's never helpful. Love the shoes and the comfort.

Update style Cute and comfy shoes followed by a great cause! Perhaps making more than one style instead of just changing up the material/pattern?

Great! I love these shoes! They are so easy to put on and go and you can basically wear them with anything. They are very comfortable and don't lose the bounce like the knock offs do!

These are a win win the shoes are comfortable and then it plays it forward! I have black, brown, and multi color I can't decide which one is my favorite they go with just about anything in your wardrobe. My daughter now wears them i found a pair in her closet.

I love toms so much, not only are they super cute but they are also for a great cause. I probably have 6 pairs they last for a long time as long as you don't wear them outside during a Wisconsin winter.