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  • Teacupp By  Teacupp    

    This stuff smells heavenly and works wonderfully!

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  • Ellie2345 By  Ellie2345    

    All of Dove products are great and smell wonderful.

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  • kerriannemcg By  kerriannemcg    

    I'm a big fan of dove products so it's very excited to use this product.

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  • peeler5555 By  peeler5555    

    great scent and I love the way it makes me feel

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  • Jinny-Joanna By  Jinny-Joanna    

    smells nice

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  • Daydra By  Daydra    

    Made my hair feel amazing...smooth, silky, and very vibrant!!! Love this product is line getting salon quality but not the price of salon products!! Little but of it goes a really long way...I use my straightener everyday and I can tell a very big difference in my hair done I started using this!!!

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  • Sourgrl By  Sourgrl    

    Nice smell. Love how it makes my hair feel.

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  • dawnbarajas By  dawnbarajas    

    I have dry colored hair and this shampoo and conditioner works wonders for me.

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  • greensky40 By  greensky40    

    smells like heaven on my hair.really a great product!

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  • SChowdhury By  SChowdhury    

    Wow just Wow

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  • expertmommy90 By  expertmommy90    

    I love all the products that dove has to offer. All there products smell great. And work great on my hair . Because I use my straightener this words well for my hair to protect it from the heat defense.

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  • SueSue516 By  SueSue516    

    I really love Dove products. They work well with my limp, fine hair. Helps to keep from breakage and split ends. And I love the 'Clean' smell!!

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  • AngelWigginton By  AngelWigginton    

    Worked great and smells great

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  • Mamilindabr By  Mamilindabr    

    Too much for the quality

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    very nice if you use a lot of heat regularly it prevents damage

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