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Fox Glee

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If you love music, musicals, and comedy, then DEFINITELY watch this show!! It is sooo much fun!

This show was so awesome when it first started, but I think maybe it has lost it's touch in last season.

So great!

This show is great. I look forward to the next every week. The characters are easy to fall in love with. It makes me laugh, cry, and is just a really great show.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! The things that happen in the show people in real life can relate to, since a lot of the stuff happens in real life to people. The songs are great too! I've seen every episode. Before I watched it I thought it was stupid. But i seen it was on Netflix so I gave it a try, and I've liked it ever since!

i really dont understand the hype people give glee i do not like it at all

I can't believe they are on hiatus until April, especially after the cliffhanger last episode. I am so glad that Glee went back to its original formula and didn't stay with the storylines they were dabbling with in the beginning of this season. I watch the show for the fun, upbeat music and the cute storylines. There are some many dark and depressing shows on TV they didn't need to do that to Glee as well.

Great actors, great music, great show..

I Love Glee! Great show with great music!!

I really enjoyed seeing the first 2 seasons of this on Netflix. The music has me singing along. Really entertaining show.

i am totally a closet gleek !!! but i am beside me self to think of the kids graduating next season, don't think i will be able to fallow it after that. and while except this dhow is kinda campy and thin on plot, i was really let down by the rocky horror episode it was week by my already low standards. one thing i don't under stand is people getting all up in arms about the "sex ed" episode beside this isn't really a kids show and the actors are 30, they depict the characters having reckless sex since the start of the show, but when they show someone educating kid about sex, some how that becomes controversial. also i don't watch the reality show about the next glee kid, i just really love some high school drama and cover songs!

I love love love Glee! I love the singing!

Glee is amazing family show I just can't get enough it's on my DVR every week!!

I've just recently become a "Gleek". My teenagers and I really enjoy the show, the music, the fun! It takes me back to my younger days when I used to watch the show Fame. There are some amazing voices and some wonderfully talented people on the show. I just can't help but sing along!

I love this show! and my husband secretly watches it with me...shhh. Love the music love the stars. They do push the limits sometimes, but I don't take it to heart. Everyone need to lighten up once in a while it's fun!