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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    


    Works great for fevers! Also works very fast, could tell the difference in fever within a couple minutes.

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  • Dat1Mom By  Dat1Mom    

    Motrin is hands down the best for fever and pain!! Great flavor and the kids don't fuss!

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  • Neyephe By  Neyephe    

    I just bought some of this and my son was sick with a 103 fever. Tylenol did nothing for it and Motrin brought it right down!

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  • Nai1189 By  Nai1189    

    Fever down, but hyper kids

    Gets the job done. However we cannot use it around bed time unless absolutely necessary because it seems to make my kids hyper.

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  • cakess By  cakess    

    vry good meds all kids shld try it will make you better in a day

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  • alou18 By  alou18    

    Little Ones Friend

    Motrin is the only one that my little one will take, and it works! And taste good too!

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  • Angiewhite8839 By  Angiewhite8839    

    The only medicine that helps when my daughter has a fever. I've tried them all and will only use Motrin going forward.

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  • SarahChristine By  SarahChristine    

    Works fast and great flavor. Takes fever down and teeth pain down quickly. We prefer motrin out of all the pain meds.

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  • Asweeney5683 By  Asweeney5683    

    I prefer this product to others. This product seems to work quicker and lasts longer. When ever given the choice I chose this one over other brands.

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  • Brandy28 By  Brandy28    

    If used correctly, Motrin is a safe, reliable and wonderful product. Refuces fever quickly and helps control pain in a very timely manner. The kids actually like the taste. In fact, when my youngest is sick, he asks for the "orange stuff". Motrin is always our first choice.

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  • Wendy924 By  Wendy924    

    Motrin is our go to for pain and fever reliever. The children's Motrin has a pleasant grape flavor that the kids like, making medicine time easier.

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  • RFayette By  RFayette    

    Great for reducing my son's fevers and relieving him of pain. Always helps my toddler's mood and sleep when sick.

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  • Speedyfroogie By  Speedyfroogie    

    Motrin's Children's is the only thing my son with autism can take that makes him feel better fast. When he gets a fever or headache we make sure we have Motrin Childrens on hand and it always seems to work fast! Great product for helping kids with fever or pain.

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  • Newmommy6315 By  Newmommy6315    

    Love motrin! it breaks the fever quickly which is always great for a worried mother

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    I am a big fan of motrin, it is strong enough to bring down my boys' fevers when Tylenol doesn't and it works fast

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