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  • citygirl146 By  citygirl146    

    I love this magazine! It's the only tabloid that I really even like to read! The puzzles and stories of real life people are great! And the stories of celebrities are good too! They have so much other than just trash that you find in other tabloids, which is so nice!

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  • Sweettie66 By  Sweettie66    

    This is my favorite magazine as well!! It is expensive in my opinion!! But I still love it so much that I subscribe!!

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  • LAMP565 By  LAMP565    

    Best celebrity news mag that there is. I have subscribed to it for years. I look forward to getting it in the mail every Friday & usually read it in one sitting (which drives my daughter crazy!).

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  • allisong By  allisong    

    It's expensive for subscriptions but it's awesome and I love reading it! I try to read it weekly.

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  • bargainbonnie By  bargainbonnie    

    This is one of my favorite magazines. Great Content. Downfall is price and ad content.

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    This is a nice magazine when you want to just read gossip to get away from your daily life. My only complaint is that it is very costly - and in these hard times, I will probably not buy or subscribe to - more of a want than a need.....

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  • buckeyebaby By  buckeyebaby    

    I absolutely love this magazine! With children at home, it is sometimes difficult to watch a lot of television and catch up on the "social news." I love this magazine for the content, and they also provide some good recipes and coupons on occasion.

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