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Used to LOVE the service when I first got it, but recently the choices of newer movies that I want to see streaming are non-existent. They force you to keep the mail service if you want the newer movies. Thinking of canceling now that my Xbox 360 Live account streams Xfinity and other movies. Considering on cancelling soon. Main reason we keep it for now is for the kids programs, foreign films, and animae.

I used to love Netflix, but now...not so much! They really don't add that many new or even good movies! You really have to look over the selections many times to give at least one movie a go lol. Though, I must say I do enjoy the fact that they have a huge selection of TV shows and the documentaries aren't half bad.

When Netflix first came out, I LOVED it! But after awhile you just are looking on what to watch because you've seen everything. And months go buy and hardly anything new is ever added.

we have both the movie rental and streaming. I'm a little disappointed that RedBox has new releases before netflix and that netflix is such a huge wait. on a plus side, you can watch many old movies

Great price for what is being shown, but at the same time its the same movies over and over. They need to add movies weekely or monthly.

I love the variety of movies and shows but I have had issues with the billing service so we cancelled our subscription.I know quite a few people who use Netflix without a problem and I did enjoy being able to choose from thousands of movies and shows.

It's a great price!! I wish they could put some older shows and update their movies.

I love Netflix. This is great only if you will remember to return the movies. I never have a problem doing that, but I do have friends who lose movies in their car and end up paying more in late fees then they would to buy the movie outright. I wish Netflix would offer a larger selection. I have been disappointed because the selection as far as TV shows doesnt seem to be as up to date as other subscription services

The movies they have are decent, however they don't update it frequently enough. I appreciate the fact that they don't have commercials, but I would like to see more quality movies on there. The LGBT section is barely there.

I thought Netflix sounded like a great idea, but it always seems to offer such old movies that most people have already seen. We choose a lot of the kid movies for our 8 year old son, since he hasn't seen the older stuff, but I really wish they had new releases come out quicker and not have to get them through the mail. I do enjoy watching different episodes of tv shows that I've never seen however.

I had netflix for a long time it was great for when I discovered a tv show that I loved and I could go binge watch all the seasons at once (Grey's Anatomy) but there weren't actually a lot of shows I wanted to do that with. I was really disappointed in the movie selection. It was very rarely updated and most movies were really old or just weird. It's only $8 a month so a very reasonable price but I ultimately decided to switch to redboxinstant because I thought I would gt more use out of it.

Its ok if you want to watch shows from awhile ago Id like to see more recent ones

This service is great for the occasional and avid movie / television watcher. It's biggest downfall, in my opinion, is not having a wider or frequently updated collection of streaming movies and shows. I think they should offer a streaming counterpart to every mail-out dvd, since dvd's ( and the snail-mail wait time ) are an unnecessary hassle in this day and age.

Oh yeah, Netflix is great! I loved it when it first came out. It was super flexible, convenient, and loaded with a ton of movies. The documentary section is wonderful as always and I have always been a huge fan to its Netflix originals. The shows alone are totally worth the low $9 a month fee. I did recently came across a severe issue with Netflix about a year or two ago. They started adding logarithms about "which movie I may like to see". I'm the kind of viewer who likes to watch unorthodox types of movies. I don't like it when they group the movies they recommend based on previous movies I watched and limited my range of movies I could potentially watch. It is difficult to explain. This new feature is annoying and if it wasn't for their amazing netflix original shows, I would definitely decline further use of this membership. What can I say, their shows are amazing!

I have heard a lot about Netflix. I can watch certain movies, but most of the time they have a lot of older movies and tv programs. I just usually go to my local library and score movies and they have a much wider selection. It is also free.