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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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Haven't had a problem yet, but some of the movies we wish to see are unavailable, either they were never on or recently removed from the site (iis okay since everyone removed is replced by a new addition to netflix!

Netflix and I are like this! I'm a major Binger and Netflix allows me to binge wherever I am, whenever I want! It's a dirty little habit we all love to enjoy ;) Now if they would just stop getting rid of my faves...

Netflix is good for movies and shows. They have a lot to chose from I just wish they would update their selections more often.

If it weren't for the news I would cancel cable completely and only use Netflix, it has almost everything I need!

This is the greatest thing ever! It has everything you need to watch from excellent movie and tv shows to documentaries. I LOVE NETFILIX!! You cant beat the price too.

Netflix is a great affordable way to catch up on old movies and shows, but if you're looking for something current, you won't find it here!

Love our netiflix instant streaming subscription. We've cut cable out and simply use an antennae for local channels (which is free to get in HD) and have a Netflix subscription. We mostly watch the last season tv shows (we don't mind waiting) but occasionally they have good movie offerings.

I like Netflix but it rarely has great movies. Most the stuff is just okay or way old. But when I'm bored with nothing to do it's there.

Netflix is the best! When me and my husband moved from TX to WA we didn't have cable for 2 weeks so netflix really came in handy, it was all we had. So many movies and shows to choose from. It got us hooked on The Following and Orange is the new black.

I LOVE Netflix. There are so many movies and TV shows to choose from and it becomes personalized based on your viewing habits. I've found so many new TV shows on here that I ended up binge watching so easily because of the convenience of Netflix.

Netflix is the best thing that's happened to television. Instead of wasting money on cable and paying for channels we don't watch we solely use Netflix. My favorite part of Netflix other than the obvious great price, are the Netflix Originals! They are all very well made and grab your attention instantly.

Me and my boyfriend have had this streaming and rental service for many years now. We love streaming shows and movies on our blu ray player and consoles! Watching my show on the PS4 as I type. I love getting dvds in the mail from them too. :] Netflix is so much fun! I don't know what I would do without them!

I liked the older movies they have on. I dont really lie newer movies that have come out.

Thanks netflix for the quality entertainment, life would be hell boring without you.

Dear Netflix, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU. I feel like i owe Netflix $20 for babysitting money because when i really need my kids to sit down and chill, I turn you on and you keep them entertained! Thank yoU!