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  • huntsgirl By  huntsgirl    

    I have a 3 month old and I cannot figure out to get him in this carrier without hurting his legs. He screams everytime we try to put him in it. May try again in a couple of months but he's a big baby so not sure if he'll fit much longer.

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  • keeganandjacksmommy By  keeganandjacksmommy    

    this was a good investment! it was easy to use - both putting it on and putting my children in it. it was comfortable to wear. so convienent.

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  • Bluejello_eater By  Bluejello_eater    

    It is easy to put on/take off. It looks good and is comfortable. Both me and my husband can wear it comfortably. Our daughter doesn't think much of it, but we're sure she will with time. It's great to use when hiking or taking short evening walks when it is too much trouble to get out the stroller.

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  • krys2000 By  krys2000    

    I have one of this carriers but I do not find that it works well for the little ones. I have 3 children and run a daycare. I do not use this product until a child is about 7-8 months old as it seems to hurt their legs. I use an Hotsling until they are too big to fit comfortably in it. I would love to see Infantino come out with a product that allows you to hold the child on your hip. Sometimes a front/back carrier makes you feel pregnant all over again!

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  • Luzecita By  Luzecita    

    I've enjoyed this carrier with both of my oys. Easy to use and comfortable. I always felt my children were safe. I'm currently pregnant with baby number 3 and will definitely use it again. I wold recommend this product. Remember that there is a weight minimum and maximum to ensure your child's safety.

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