Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

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This was an amazing book ! I was very moved by it.

This book was amazing! My grandma got it for me for Christmas, and at first it didn't sound like something I would be very interested in. But I ended up reading it anyway and loved it. I usually hate books that make me cry, but this was different. It was incredibly inspirational. It makes you want to be a better, self-less person and to keep your family and people you care about close. Even if it doesn't sound very interesting to you, read it anyway (it's a quick read--especially when you can't put it down!) and you won't regret it!

A friend of mine recommended this book to me, and I also saw the author being interviewed about a year ago on a few talk shows. This book was so inspirational and has really opened my eyes to not take things for granted & living life to the fullest.

Bought the book for husband, but read it first and I was blown away at how it made me feel how precious every second and everyday is in life. You never know when time is not on your side. Great book!

I found his actual televised lecture more inspiring than the book. His story is a sad one and how he handled his situation more than admirable and brave. He is definitely one of a kind and did a very unselfish thing by sharing the end of his life with so many and how to live one's life in the face of death.

Really puts life in perspective. Everyone should read AT LEAST once!

This is a great book. It really gets you thinking (and remind) you of the important things in life. What an inspiration this was. A definite read.

emotional and thought provoking...

Loved this book! Reading it forced me to look into myself and ask some serious questions. Not an easy read emotionally but well worth it.

Truely inspirational!

This book really changed my life!!! It made me reflect and be thankful for all the blessings I have! It almost made me realize that I needed to slow down and live in the moment. So often we always worry about the future without being present in the moment. I bought 4 copies to give as gifts.

I have listened to this speech about 20 times or more. It is beyond anything I have heard. I wish he was still with us..


Been wanting to get this book! Saw him on Oprah and loved him, so I know the book will be great!

This book was very hard for me to read... it is very emotional. However, that's a good thing. It helped me face reality about what one of my dear friends was experiencing.