CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

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I liked this product, although without the gloss it was very dry on my lips. The color was great and it lasted a long time on me.

I liked the color It was very pretty on. The gloss was not too strong. I wish they were combined so I can just apply once, rather than having to apply two times to get the desired look because I did not like the color on alone.

I really did not like the color of this product when I put it on my lips. Looks very dry unless you add the gloss.

As a mommy of 5 I really hadn't bothered with make-up and all that for the past few years but just a few months ago I decided it was time to take the time and do my make up and hair on most days. I really love this lip shine and made my lips look pretty. It comes in great colors too.

I must say my daughter and I argued over this one on who was going to get it, but we wound up sharing LOL I loved the color, and it made my lips look great, felt great on and its not called Outlast double shine for no reason. It lasts and it shines! Love it!

I loved this it had a wondeful shine and made my lips look great.

Lovely color, not sticky. Long lasting

This was the perfect color for me, especially for spring and summer. Loved this product and how it made my lips shimmer with excitement. Friends complimented the color and look of my lips too!

I was not impressed with this product at all. It made my lips look dry and cracked and it was very hard to get off. I did like the color, but not the product itself.

I loved the color, perfect for summer. The formula was smooth, creamy, and not sticky. My lips looked great, not too much color and the perfect amount of shine. It dried quickly and wore very well. I don't love two step lip color, but the lasting results with no need to reapply are worth it!

love the shade, and im not much of lip color person, but i love this and how soft my lips felt

I love the way this made my lips feel. The color was awesome and it made my lips look really pretty.

Great color selection. Beautiful shine. Lasts longer than most other lip products without drying out my lips.

I might have given this product a higher star but the color did not match my skin tone.... after attempting to try it on I did notice that my lips had the shine that I crave, but the color is simply not right for me.

Makes my lip dry. I have to wet a towel with soap to get the stain off my lips.