CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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From the first episode, I was hooked. I agree Sheldon is the best one.

This show rocks!!!!

This is a really funny show with a great cast! I was hooked from the first episode!

Big Bang Theory is the BEST show in a long time! My friends and I often find ourselves mimicking the episodes! I would love to get the Seasonal DVD, I never tire from Sheldon's wittiy BUZZINGAS LOL

This is a fantastic show! I really wish I had gone to the discussion panel while I was at San Diego Comic Con 2009! This is one of those shows that I can watch over and over again because I never get sick of it! The jokes are fantastic and witty, as are the characters. Each member of their "group" has his own issues: Sheldon can't grasp sarcasm and is sometimes too intelligent for common sense, Raj forms an inability to speak with women around, Howard can't go without creeping women out, and Leonard has complications with his ever changing relationship with Penny. The variety in these characters allows for the show to keep the audience entertained. I hope this show is able to stick around for a long time! It's fantastic!

I LOVE this show. They all crack me up!

This has to be the best comedy on TV today.I love this show.

The humor is so simple and funny and the actors are great together. Each character has its own special quirk too.

This show is very different from all the family type sitcoms and I throughly enjoy it.

Hands down one of the smartest funniest shows out there. Definitely my favorite comedy.

My husband and I love this show. We look forward to watching it. They are all so funny :)

I love this show. It's quirky and has enough educational humor to make my engineer husband laugh. He's fallen out of his chair laughing. Love the combo of Penny, Sheldon and Leonard - but Raj is my favorite!

Makes me proud to be a math geek.

One of the most enjoyable tv shows!!! I must admit, I LOOOOVE Sheldon!

I love this show!!!