CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

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I love this lip shine and the best part is I didn't have to keep adding more and more. Thank You Cover Girl

Love this gloss. The color and shine were great and it lasted so long!

Nice tint but truthfully a bit too sticky for me, and chapped my lips after a bit of wear. Also wore on a windy day and my hair got all stuck in it - not amazing. Not bad, but there are other CG lip products I'd sooner buy.

I loved the color, but I am not a fan of these double sided long last lipsticks. I never know if I should be letting the first one dry and then putting the gloss on. And I hate that the color gets the gloss applicator all yucky. And it didn't last very long at all. But like I said, the color was pretty!

Aside from the horrible color, this lip shine is far from ideal. The color goes on thick, but dries out almost imediately, and thre "shine" gloss is way too thick and sticky to be anything I'd use on a daily basis.

didnt like the color :( its ok for me...

Horrible! It made my lips very dry. The color did last a long time, but not worth it.

I tried this in nude. It gives a hint of color and it lasts throughout the day without having to reapply. Very happy with this lip gloss. Very natural looking.

LAsted very long, not sticky. Would definitely buy

The color of this lip gloss was really pretty and I love the shine. But I didnt like the fact that it made my lips sticky, I will probably give to my daughter because she doesnt care if its sticky or not as long as its lip gloss. LOL

I am a lip product addict. I was not blown away with this one. The color was too light for me and it was very drying on my lips. Maybe I will try another color and see how it looks.

I love the double action from the outlast double lip shine. It did not leave a greasy feel. My lips were sparkling and looked great!

It's okay but kind of sticky and doesnt stay on if you are a smoker

I like this product. I don't think it lasts as long as they say, but it does get through my work day. Hot liquids destroy it easily as wearing goes on. It can withstand coffee when the gloss is fresh. This is a product I have bought in the past, but no longer buy due to the sticky feel of the gloss.

I am a lipgloss addict. I love lipgloss of every shade, brand, and price range, but I hate this stuff. It felt sticky and dried out my lips. The clear gloss does little to fix how weird the first coat felt. As for the shade, it was very neutral and hardly even showed on my lips. For the lack of color I would not tolerate the uncomfortable feeling of this product for very long.