CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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One of my favorite sitcoms ever! I'm not a fan of most of the sitcoms on TV this year, but I never miss Big Bang!

LOVE this show. Each episode is just as funny as the last.. the story lines are great and the actors play their parts really well. LOVE it!!

Love, love, LOVE this show!! My favorite on TV right now!! Sheldon is my favorite. :) 5 stars.

I like this show. gota love the way sheldon speaks and thinks. Very entertaining. 5 stars

Love it! Smart and funny without reaching to sex for all of the laughs.

My husband and I love this show!! It is well worth the money to have it on hand whenever you need a laugh! I have to say that Sheldon has got to be my favorite character, not only on this show but maybe of all time!!

My husband and I just borrowed the first and second seasons from my sister on DVD and love it! The guys remind me of some of our close friends so at times it is even funnier to us!

This is one of my "Must see" shows! I don't really watch alot of tv, but this show has always made me laugh and put a smile on my face. Even if I can't watch it when it is on, I use my DVR to record it so I can watch whenever I get the chance. Great comedy

I just started watching this show and it is so funny. I actually know people who are brainiacs and can relate to Penny when they start geek speaking.

This is the greatest show. i love it. Sheldon is so funny. he has a dry sense of humor. i always quote him. loooovvveeeeee

A wonderful show. My family loves it.

I enjoy watching this show every week. I love Sheldon he is hilarious!!!

We love this show! Especially because we are into science, and we get some of the more obscure jokes. I hope it goes on for a long time.

My friends love this show, so I finally rented the first season on DVD about 6 weeks ago - it's hilarious! Wound up renting the second season and am now addicted to the current one. Great characters, smart and funny script, engaging story lines - love the Sheldon/Penny interactions the best.

This is my favorite show. Sheldon is totally hilarious this season!