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  • My kids love these, and I found out why when I read the ingredients a little closer. These are packed with vitamins and SUGAR. I'm not a mom who doesn't let her kids have any sugar, BUT, I don't like pumping my kids full of sugar sayin its healthy for them, so it's a one time thing when they are sick.


    My family loves Emergen-C. I was hoping the kids variety would taste better than it did. My kiddos did not like the flavors and I couldn't stomach them either. We will stick with the regular adult varieties.

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  • Heather1980 By  Heather1980    

    Great product

    Emergen-C is a great product for the whole family. I am so glad that they have it for the kiddos too. Anytime that I feel something coming on or hear someone sniffling in the house we grab the Emergen-C. So grateful for this product.


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