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  • everimprovingme everimprovingme

    I really wanted to love this Dyson vacuum. I have pets. I have injuries and it is supposed to be light weight. The sad truth is this while it does work great, it is too heavy and awkward for me to maneuver. Forget about the stairs, they are just not getting done, it is too difficult to use being disabled. I would love if Dyson could make a powerful vacuum that was lightweight and very maneuverable. I wanted to love, but I ended up just disappointed.

  • Shellybean126 Shellybean126

    this vacuum picks up dirt well and is easy to clean. However it is awkward the way it moves and a little top heavy. The hose is hard to use and was not long enough to really do any deep cleaning with and was extremely hard trying to use it on the stairs. I do not plan on ever buying another one.

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  • socalbebe By  socalbebe    

    Amazing!! This is the best vacuum I've ever used. Much more light weight and so much easier to use than a Kirby. The attachments are awesome too. We have 3 cats and it devours ever last bit of cat hair. It gets the carpets super clean too, you won't believe what it picks up. I recommend this vacuum to everybody!


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