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  • candries candries

    I am 51 years old and love Lady GAGA. Her music is upbeat and excellent to work out or walk to. My 18 year old daughter and I went to her concert in Tulsa last year and it was awesome. She puts on a great show if you ever get the chance to see her LIVE!

  • trippingtiffies trippingtiffies

    So very very very tired of Lady Gaga. She's hit the "overkill" level to me. Her behavior and comments are awful and she acts like she is above everyone. I have no respect for her.

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  • gotarevolution By  gotarevolution    

    I love this cd, it's fun and flirty. Gaga is rising quickly on music charts globally. Although I saw her two weeks ago and she was a total brat, I waited anxiously to meet her after the show and she just drove my videotaping us! I was disappointed but I will say that she is still talented with all set aside. She writes all her own music which also makes her different from other popular artists right now in the pop music scene.


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