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  • egelerc By  egelerc    

    I like the idea and they helped cut back on my daughters gas but I also had issues with them leaking all over the diaper bag. I found if you take them all the way apart before putting them in the dishwasher and them carefully dry all the parts after wash is complete, they are less likely to leak. This is alot of work but since they are the bottles my daughter likes and all that we have left and she wont be using bottles much longer we will keep them.

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  • jupitergrl By  jupitergrl    

    I use the VentAire Advance for my son, I've had the same bottles for over a year now and haven't had many problems. I did have a couple of the "vent rings" at the bottom that leaked, I simply threw those out and used the spares in the kit. My biggest complaint is that the measurement markings on the outside of the bottles have all rubbed off, the original VentAire set I have (not Advanced) still has the markings very clearly.

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  • mrdstp1789 By  mrdstp1789    

    We used these with my son. We had one in our set that leaked, but the others didnt. It helped alot with gas. The little things in the bottom are a pain to clean though. It was worth it for him to have less spitting up and gas.

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  • bnikki2124 By  bnikki2124    

    I hear what you guys are saying about making sure it is tight enough.. but we have had the opposite problem we were having to unscrew ours because when we tightened them all the way they leaked. The bottle would be a good bottle if the thing in the bottom would hold up. They are just not worth the time if you can find a good bottle you dont have to be thinking about all the time, expecially when you are in the car or on the go!

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  • dolphin375 By  dolphin375    

    I used these bottles for my first baby for over a year and I never had problems with leaking from the bottom. If I did, It was my fault (didn't tighten enough, gasket was lopsided etc). The nibbles towards the end started leaking, only b/c they were in need of replacement. I will be using them for our next baby after I find replacment nipples!

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  • mwittendorf By  mwittendorf    

    we used these with my daughter and they worked great. we never had any problems with leaking or anything. and she had no problems with tummy aches or gas when we used these.

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  • katanaavion By  katanaavion    

    I got this free in the mail. I decided to try it for my son, who had a lot of problems with gas cramps. It did help with the problems we had, however, it leaked a lot if you didn't get it threaded just right. It was difficult to get it threaded so it wouldn't leak, but after using it for over a month I perfected it so it didn't leak anymore. Not my first choice in bottles, but I did like it after I figured out how to get it put together exactly like it had to be to prevent it leaking.

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  • hudsonanne By  hudsonanne    

    They leak for me too, but my daughter never has any problems with gas or stomach aches, so I put up with it. I also really like the bent bottles- it makes it easier for her to drink when she's getting to the last of the formula.

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  • spiderwomansuperhero By  spiderwomansuperhero    

    I had major leaking problems with these bottles! It was extremely frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night and prepare a bottle and then have to begin to leak and start all over again! I called Playtex several times to tell them about the problem. Each time they sent me replacement bottles/parts and coupons for Playtex products. After about a month of dealing with the mess I finally called them back and told them the bottles were still leaking and that I appreciated all of their help but I would not be using their bottles any more. I wish I would have known before I had bought the whole set of bottles. Hopefully the word will get out there so other moms don't waste their time and money!

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