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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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We've had Netflix for years now with very few problems. The worst issue we've had was the occasional DVD being too scratched to play. We're pretty spoiled because we live fairly close to a shipping center so we get our movies in less than 24 hours!

I absolutely love Netflix - I love the instant content that I can stream right to our xbox 360 - or when the rest of the family isn;t in the mood I can find a movie and watch it anytime on my laptop. My only complaint - and it is very minor considering the vast library is the lack on new release content. While I love older movies, movies lost and forgotten, and those I have never heard of - I never have less than 100 in my queue - however I would love to be able to ditch the redbox ( which I also love ) and get all my content straight from netflix.

My husband and I just joined last month--in an effort to save money, but still enjoy life! We only receive one movie at a time (unlimited) all month long. We like it, but all of the movies that we really want to see have been on a "long wait" for over a month now. It's really frustrating my husband. I on the other hand enjoy the "watch now" feature--although most of the movies aren't the greatest, but at least it give us the chance to watch a movie in between shipments. I think we might have to look into the xbox 360 instant feature that youngthani is using!