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Google Hangouts

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Fast, easy to use! I love using Hangout! It is so convenient, especially if you are familiar with using Google. My family members always communicate through Google Hangout because it's faster than texts and you have an option to call or video call.

Hangouts is invaluable I've had Google hangouts for almost a year now and it's the best, especially since I get to see my granddaughters. She has an iPhone and I do android , it's so easy. I would recommend this highly, it even works out of the country.

Lifesaver for "Online Schooling" I couldn't do this online schooling thing with my 7 kids if I didn't have Google Hangouts! It gives me instant access to my kids' teachers, and it allows my kids to interact with their friends that they are missing so badly. It also helps me stay connected with co-workers while I'm working from home. Easy to use platform, and works great on computers, chrome books, and phones.

Stay Connected with Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is a great way to stay connected with friends, co-workers or even for kids. My kids have been having daily Hangouts meetups with their friends, classmates, and teachers to help them stay connected during social distancing. It's easy to use and simple to set up a chat between one or more people. My kids have been reading to their friends, catching up or practicing spelling words together.