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  • amy0901 By  amy0901    

    I LOVED the Boppy! I could not imagine breastfeeding without mine. As an added bonus, we used it all the time when our daughter got older. It worked well for tummy time, being propped up on her back, and then when learning to sit.

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  • yawkar618 By  yawkar618    

    no diggin this product like everyone else! i couldn't breast feed so i couldn't use it for that... she hated it for tummy time and trying to use it to help her sit up... now i'm stuck with a boppy pillow that i can't use for anything! at least it came with a free subscription to parents magazine!

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  • courtney_lynne By  courtney_lynne    

    Love it! couldn't live without it. and I love that it has removable (washable covers) now. I recommend this to every new mom I know!

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