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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    I used these with my daughter. She was premature and the nipple size was perfect for her little mouth. Great bottles!

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  • xomrsweaver By  xomrsweaver    

    my baby had a lot of spit up with other bottles and these reduced that amount dramatically. I stuck with these bottles until she was ready for a sippy. I loved them!

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  • hannahsmom04 By  hannahsmom04    

    i used these with my oldest child when she was born they helped her from getting alot of air in her tummy great bottle

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  • SimplyDavia By  SimplyDavia    

    My son was born at 35 weeks and had to spend time in the NICU and had so many problems with his eating at first and I literally spent hundreds of dollars and special types of bottles and this brand was the last thing on my list of bottles to choose. My cousin literally took me to the store bought me the starter pack, drove me home, made the bottle and gave it to him! I was mortified thinking that the unusual shape wasn't going to do anything but irritate his re-flux. I was shocked to see not only did he eat but he didn't scream, cry or explode on me..all I could do was sit down and cry and then take a nap! Thank you so much for a product that truly does what it says!

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  • alacriti_tester By  alacriti_tester    

    The shape of the bottle is little weird!! And it is uncomfortable.

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  • nataliebest By  nataliebest    

    Perfect!! These are the only bottles my baby will use! And works great with colic and reflux!

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  • megmon31 By  megmon31    

    I use these and the drop ins and I don't know if its coinsidence or what but when my child was breastfeeding she had alot of gas, when I switched to formula, I was expecting more gas, since its milk based and it was from a bottle (which everyone knows babys suck in a lot of air). Her gas resolved when I started using these bottle, no more gas drops! I haven't used any other bottle, but I don't think I want try either. Only issue, sometimes leaks at top, but nothing major.

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  • KelleeR2008 By  KelleeR2008    

    I used these with my babies, especially good for colicky babies and babies that swallow a lot of air. Less spit up too. Happy Babies=Happy mommy!

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  • lupay85 By  lupay85    

    There are to many pieces to this bottle. It did not help with my sons colic or spitting up either. Also my son did not like the shape of the nipple. All things considered I don't think this is a good bottle.

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  • butterflynda By  butterflynda    

    These are great for an especially colicy baby! although I've had several children and only one like these at all, and go figure, it was the one with the severe colic.

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  • kaileybailey By  kaileybailey    

    Our daughter was born 16 weeks premature, and our NICU actually started using these with her, as she was having problems with reflux, choking, and aspiration. She is now 9 months old, and she's been on these bottles for around 7, and they work wonders. They keep her from being gassy, help her reflux tremendously, and have helped her aspiration problems. I would highly recommend these bottles to another parent. I've really been very pleased with them. I know many parents say there are too many pieces, I just made sure I had enough bottles to get through the day, and washed them frequently. We have 9 bottles total. I've never had a problem with washing them. And I've never had problems with them leaking.

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  • shygurlie7 By  shygurlie7    

    These bottles are great! We started using them for my son who has acid reflux and they are the only bottle that helps his reflux. Since they are angled, we were able to prop him up while we feed him which helps so much. I would absolutely recommend these to any moms with babies who have reflux!

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  • keeganandjacksmommy By  keeganandjacksmommy    

    these worked great for my son. they reduced his gas. but as stated before - if you dont put them back together the right way, they will leak! of all the bottles i used these were the most comfortable for me to hold while feeding.

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  • summertime_cutie By  summertime_cutie    

    My son is 6 months old and these are the only bottles we have been able to use. I love them. They can be a hassle to clean but the lack of stomach upset and gas make the cleaning worth it. He use to spit up a lot with other bottles we tried and by using these bottles he dosen't spit up anymore after feedings.

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  • heather164 By  heather164    

    I used these bottles a lot for my daughter as she got older and was strictly using formula... they are great for little hands to learn how to hold the bottle themselves. I am currently pregnant and plan on using them again!

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